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Webinar Recording: Building a Pipeline

Marc Vogtman / Jul 26, 2016

Watch this recording of our webinar on building a business development Pipeline. We covered how to set up and use Pipelines and discussed various potential processes for bid opportunity review and proposal development. We also answered user questions about managing a BD process using GovTribe.

We recently launched a new feature to help our customers identify potential competitors before they submit their proposal - GovTribe Insights.

How to add a new business development Pursuit to a Pipeline based on an existing government opportunity.

So you've created a Pursuit from scratch. How and why do you connect it to a government contract opportunity?

How do you add new business development Pursuits to a Pipeline. Specifically, how and why do you create a Pursuit from scratch (not connected to an existing government contracting opportunity.)

Learn how to create new business development Pipelines and share them with your colleagues.

Learn how to use GovTribe's Pipeline tool to get organized with business development management.

How to Create a Pipeline

Nate Nash / Jul 2, 2015

GovTribe Pipelines are the easiest way to manage you federal contracting sales process. In this 60 second video, we'll show you how to set up a new Pipeline, customized to your needs.

​We've recently launched a major upgrade for our users. A flexible, fully customizable, easy-to-use business development pipeline management tool is now a part of your GovTribe subscription.

What's Your Probability of Win?

Nate Nash / May 27, 2015

It was early on a Friday morning. I had been awake all night, working with a team of people to get a proposal ready for a deal review. This was my first deal review and at this point, coffee had moved from stimulant to life support. After dusting the detritus of an all-nighter off my far from pressed suit, I walked into the deal review meeting. Shockingly, most of the people reviewing said deal were just getting started for the day. Must be nice.