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GovTribe 2016 Year End Promotion!

Marc Vogtman / Dec 12, 2016

For a limited time we're offering a 15% discount on all new GovTribe subscriptions AND subscription upgrades. Use coupon code 2016CLOSEOUT to redeem your discount!

An Update to GovTribe Alerts

Marc Vogtman / Jan 4, 2016

We're rolled out a few changes to the Alerts page to improve user experience. Here's a quick summary of what we did.

What is this help page for?

Marc Vogtman / Nov 18, 2015

The government contracting market is a daunting one with lots of governing regulations, hundreds of standard operating procedures, thousands of acronyms, and sometimes peculiar definitions for things like "fair and open competition" or "transparency." On this help page we're going to publish some helpful content on how to get started in the market, how to use the information and tools here on GovTribe to get in the game, and how to pair what you do in the real world with the intelligence you gather on this site. Please let us know your burning questions. There's plenty to cover so tell us what you'd most like to know.

Where do you get your data?

Marc Vogtman / Nov 18, 2015

​Federal government contract opportunity data, what we call "Projects" on GovTribe, comes from We mine it every 15 minutes, clean it up, connect it to the other data we have, and post it almost instantly.

​GovTribe receives all of its data from public federal government sources. Vendor information on our website comes from the System for Award Management (, which is where companies that sell to the government are required to register their business information. We update our vendor data monthly using a Public Data Package file provided by per the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

How do I reset my password?

Marc Vogtman / Nov 18, 2015

​If you are logged in, click the gear icon under your user name in the upper left corner of your screen in the side-bar. Type your new password in the "Password" box and retype it in the "Confirm Password" box. Then click the blue "Save" button at the bottom.

How to add a new business development Pursuit to a Pipeline based on an existing government opportunity.

So you've created a Pursuit from scratch. How and why do you connect it to a government contract opportunity?

How do you add new business development Pursuits to a Pipeline. Specifically, how and why do you create a Pursuit from scratch (not connected to an existing government contracting opportunity.)

Learn how to create new business development Pipelines and share them with your colleagues.

Learn how to use GovTribe's Pipeline tool to get organized with business development management.

How and why we do what we do at GovTribe - giving you a single source for all available government contract information.

Learn to browse and search federal contracting officers and procurement points-of-contact.

Learn how to browse and search federal agencies and offices.

Learn how to search and browse federal contractors. Search by name, filter by NAICS, location, and business type.

Learn how to search and browse categories based on the NAICS code system.

Learn how to search and browse federal contracting opportunities.

Wondering what GovTribe is and what kind of information you can find here? Here's an overview of how to navigate your way through GovTribe.

Learn How To Use GovTribe Radar

Nate Nash / Jul 13, 2015

Radar helps you find government contracting partners and scout the competition. In this video, we'll walk you through a quick case study.

How to Create a Pipeline

Nate Nash / Jul 2, 2015

GovTribe Pipelines are the easiest way to manage you federal contracting sales process. In this 60 second video, we'll show you how to set up a new Pipeline, customized to your needs.

​We've recently launched a major upgrade for our users. A flexible, fully customizable, easy-to-use business development pipeline management tool is now a part of your GovTribe subscription.

What's Your Probability of Win?

Nate Nash / May 27, 2015

It was early on a Friday morning. I had been awake all night, working with a team of people to get a proposal ready for a deal review. This was my first deal review and at this point, coffee had moved from stimulant to life support. After dusting the detritus of an all-nighter off my far from pressed suit, I walked into the deal review meeting. Shockingly, most of the people reviewing said deal were just getting started for the day. Must be nice.

How can you make sure you know, within 15 minutes of it happening, that Department of State just issued an RFI for a cloud services IDIQ? GovTribe Alerts, that’s how. Learn more about the best tool for setting up custom notifications of new opportunities, tracking spending activity under contract vehicles, and staying on top of developments in your market.

Getting Started with GovTribe Radar

Marc Vogtman / May 5, 2015

We're starting a series of short videos that highlight the things you can accomplish with GovTribe, and how it aligns with your work. This week, we introduce GovTribe Radar.

View Contract Vehicles

Jay Hariani / Mar 11, 2015

We just rolled a highly requested feature - Contract Vehicles. GovTribe now let's you view obligations, top vendors and active task orders for 50+ GSA Federal Supply Schedules and Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs):