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Webinar Recording: All About Alerts

Marc Vogtman / Jul 21, 2016

In case you missed our live webinar on Thursday, July 21, here is a recording of the session in full. In 30 minutes we provided a comprehensive explanation of GovTribe's Alerts feature. We covered everything you need to know about Alerts and Notifications. Types of Alerts, notification frequency, how to create/modify/delete, how to understand your notification emails. We also answered some great user questions.

An Update to GovTribe Alerts

Marc Vogtman / Jan 4, 2016

We're rolled out a few changes to the Alerts page to improve user experience. Here's a quick summary of what we did.

How can you make sure you know, within 15 minutes of it happening, that Department of State just issued an RFI for a cloud services IDIQ? GovTribe Alerts, that’s how. Learn more about the best tool for setting up custom notifications of new opportunities, tracking spending activity under contract vehicles, and staying on top of developments in your market.

Tired of being the last to know when new federal opportunities are posted? Do you want to respond to RFPs faster than your competitors? With Alerts, GovTribe makes staying on top of new federal opportunities fast and easy.