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Data Transparency 2013

Nate Nash / Sep 11, 2013

GovTribe spent yesterday hawking our wares at Data Transparency 2013, sponsored by the Data Transparency Coalition. For those of you who aren't avid data wonks, this is the organization for folks who work with open government data. In addition to many other things, they advocate for the passage of the DATA Act. GovTribe believes strongly in the DATA Act and thinks you should too. Feel free to peruse it for yourself, but the basic gist is to mandate the government continue its transparency efforts by making their data structured and machine-readable. We slog through tons of data every day and trust us, this is a huge deal.

If ever there was a conference that GovTribe could get behind, Fosterly's GovFest might be it. A combination of startups, the federal government, and a mechanical bull? Sounds like a winner. And better yet, we will have a table at the Innovation and Collaboration Expo. Description from GovFest:

Announcing hōrd 2.1

Nate Nash / Aug 29, 2013

Fresh on the heels of our biggest release to date, GovTribe is proud to announce hōrd 2.1. Available for immediate download or update from the Apple App Store, hōrd 2.1 brings a new type of important activity for the things in your hōrd as well as a complete view of the procurement activity of the federal government.

Our latest, hōrd 2.0, has way more data than our initial release. We spent the last six months building a completely new approach for consuming, processing, and making sense of government data from multiple sources. The iPhone app now provides insight and capability not available anywhere else. Our efforts have also given us pretty robust visibility into how the government behaves and where it allocates its resources. So we thought we'd share.

As you may have guessed, GovTribe loves us some open government data. We use a whole heap of it, combined with proprietary code to drive our iPhone app hōrd. Without open government data, who knows what we would be doing. As avid open data miners, we are stoked to be exhibiting on September 10 at the 2013 Data Transparency Conference.

GovTribe in the News - InTheCapital

Nate Nash / Aug 21, 2013

Awesome piece by Tess Vandendolder on GovTribe and hōrd published in InTheCapital today. Thanks much for the coverage.

GovTribe in the News - NextGov

Nate Nash / Aug 13, 2013

The fine folks at NextGov were kind enough to cover the recent release of hōrd 2.0. Check it out!.

The fine folks at Data Community DC gave us the honor of guest posting on their blog. If you are interested in meeting fellow data enthusiasts in the DC area, this is the group for you. Check out upcoming events here and join the data revolution!

Announcing hōrd 2.0

Nate Nash / Aug 7, 2013

For those of you keeping score at home, it has indeed been quite a while since last you heard from the GovTribe team. Not to fear, we have been working hard on our latest release: hōrd version 2.0. We could not be more excited with the results and think you will enjoy the improved capabilities. For the skimmers out there, major improvements include the following:

As we discussed a few weeks back, GovTribe and Monitor Deloitte have been working together on a strategy competition of sorts. Check out this post for the full details.

FedScoop reviews hōrd

Nate Nash / Apr 18, 2013

Luke Fretwell at took the time to post an overview of hōrd. We are fans of FedScoop and highly recommend it. And not just because they wrote something about us. :)

As some of you may know, the founders of GovTribe spent a good chunk of their professional lives consulting for Deloitte. In fact, some of our experiences there helped to shape the vision for what GovTribe is today. We keep in frequent contact with our former colleagues as many of them have transitioned into current users of hōrd. Rodrigo Ortiz, a Specialist Leader in Deloitte's Federal Government Practice had this to say about hōrd.

The folks at The Open Data Institute were kind enough to let our CEO ramble a bit on their blog. As you know we are a big fan of open data and ODI is one of the major advocates in this space. Take a look and enjoy!

​Have a look at the (cursory) review of hōrd by Marty Herbert on his Government Contracts Blog. Our favorite line:

We are proud to announce that our 1.1.0 release of hōrd is live in the App Store, filled with 10 years of DOS and MCC data. Additionally, we rolled a few UI tweaks, some performance improvements, and the ever-popular bug fixes. Give it a go an let us know what you think. More agencies coming soon!