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GovTribe is proud to announce the release of version 2.4 of our iPhone app hōrd. Based on your feedback, we focused on making it easier to find the stuff you care about. It's a big world out there and we want to make sure you can easily find stuff that's important to you. As such, we significantly improved Search and brought our Categories front and center. Read on to see the changes and learn what they can do for you.

This week we're, again, taking some liberties with our Agency Insight series to address an aspect of government procurement that's getting some attention in the media. Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts are an incredibly common tool used by agencies to more quickly award projects to companies. If you've seen our infographics on HHS, NASA, and DHS, you probably noticed that the largest contracts awarded in FY 13 for each of them were multi-million or multi-billion, multi-award, multi-year contracts. IDIQs (and their brethern, Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA)) are the primary vehicle through which government agencies obligate budgeted funds.

For the last two weeks we turned our analytical powers on the effects of the shutdown on government procurement and spending activities. In short, it's challenging for agencies to commit to future spending without a fiscal year budget and the data reflect this. It looks this morning like a short term deal is likely to pass, so we'll do an after action in another week to see if and how contracting activity rebounds.

GovTribe is proud to announce the release of version 2.3 of our iPhone app hōrd. Based on your feedback we improved search results to provide more context and redesigned the user interface to give you the information you need with less tapping. Take a look at the following pics for more info on what has changed. As always, keep the feedback coming by either sending us an email or using our community support site.

GovTribe in the News - Govfresh

Nate Nash / Oct 8, 2013

Thanks to Luke Fretwell over at Govfresh for covering the recent 2.3 release of our iPhone app hōrd. Excellent Q&A that covers new functionality, what we learned, and where we are headed. Thanks Luke!

We are now one week in to a government shutdown and there's no indication that this fiasco will end before the debt ceiling confrontation. Thousands of government employees have been furloughed and the private sector contractors who do government-funded work are similarly affected (as I discussed in last week's blog post).

If you're like me, your Facebook and Twitter feeds are overflowing with opinions about the government shutdown and what it means for federal government employees. While we don't want to tread too far in to that particular minefield, I will say that we here at GovTribe have family, friends, and colleagues who work for the government. Some have been furloughed and others, for the time-being, have not. But not knowing when or for how long you'll be getting a paycheck is tough and stressful. Our thoughts and best wishes are with them in this time of uncertainty.

Slamming Good Times at GovFest

Nate Nash / Sep 27, 2013

The GovTribe team was honored to be one of the Innovation and Collaboraton Expo presenters at GovFest this past Wednesday. We had an awesome time talking to people about hōrd and enjoying the perfect weather. Having been to our fair share of conferences, we can say unequivocally that GovFest was by far the best. There was a great crowd of government and private sector folks and the fine people at kept the event moving right along. If you get a chance to attend one of their events in the future, we highly recommend it.

Agency Insight: NASA

Marc Vogtman / Sep 18, 2013

​We continue our Agency Insight series by boldly going where no man has gone before. Well...that's probably not true, but we do think this deep dive into the procurement activity of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is pretty neat. Come on...admit it. You think rockets are cool too.

GovTribe in the News - ARLNow

Nate Nash / Sep 16, 2013

Thanks to Ethan Rothstein for taking the time to come visit us in the basement and pen this awesome piece for ARLNow's Startup Monday series. Cameo appearance by Daphne and Gus in this pic of the GovTribe brain trust.

For our first Agency Insight post we analyzed the non-defense agency that had the highest total awards in FY 2013. What are your thoughts on this year's activity for the agency that includes the CDC, NIH, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services?

Data Transparency 2013

Nate Nash / Sep 11, 2013

GovTribe spent yesterday hawking our wares at Data Transparency 2013, sponsored by the Data Transparency Coalition. For those of you who aren't avid data wonks, this is the organization for folks who work with open government data. In addition to many other things, they advocate for the passage of the DATA Act. GovTribe believes strongly in the DATA Act and thinks you should too. Feel free to peruse it for yourself, but the basic gist is to mandate the government continue its transparency efforts by making their data structured and machine-readable. We slog through tons of data every day and trust us, this is a huge deal.

If ever there was a conference that GovTribe could get behind, Fosterly's GovFest might be it. A combination of startups, the federal government, and a mechanical bull? Sounds like a winner. And better yet, we will have a table at the Innovation and Collaboration Expo. Description from GovFest:

Announcing hōrd 2.1

Nate Nash / Aug 29, 2013

Fresh on the heels of our biggest release to date, GovTribe is proud to announce hōrd 2.1. Available for immediate download or update from the Apple App Store, hōrd 2.1 brings a new type of important activity for the things in your hōrd as well as a complete view of the procurement activity of the federal government.

Our latest, hōrd 2.0, has way more data than our initial release. We spent the last six months building a completely new approach for consuming, processing, and making sense of government data from multiple sources. The iPhone app now provides insight and capability not available anywhere else. Our efforts have also given us pretty robust visibility into how the government behaves and where it allocates its resources. So we thought we'd share.