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Fosterly Collaborate Preview Event

Jay Hariani / Oct 16, 2014

The fine folks at ​Fosterly were kind enough to invite us to be one of six startups showing off their wares at the ​Collaborate Preview Event.

Holidays and Contracting Activity

Marc Vogtman / Jun 30, 2014

An Excel nerd uses the GovTribe API to investigate a government contracting urban legend. Is there any correlation between government postings of solicitations and the federal holiday schedule?

Starting today, GovTribe gives you the ability to search the full text of FBO procurement documents in real-time, through our API.

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in the White House’s Open Data Licensing Jam. Organized in concert with our friends over at 18F, the Jam was focused on addressing issues with respect to open government data.

Eric Carter covered our API release for ProgrammableWeb.

GovTribe in the News - CivSource

Nate Nash / May 28, 2014

​The folks over at CivSource picked up our API announcement and were kind enough to cover it.

GovTribe API Beta Now Available

Nate Nash / May 27, 2014

​We are proud to announce the beta release of our latest product, the GovTribe API. It is now easier than ever for you to directly access the market data that powers our iPhone, iPad, and Custom Reports products.

​The Washington Business Journal picked up the piece NextGov did on our analysis of protests.

GovTribe in the News - InTheCapital

Nate Nash / May 17, 2014

​The fine folks at InTheCapital were kind enough to write an update on our progress. Since last we spoke with Tess VandenDolder, much has happened. Many thanks for taking the time to cover a startup.

GovTribe in the News - NextGov

Jay Hariani / May 16, 2014

​Rebecca Carroll at NexGov covered our All About Protests post.

GovTribe Demo at DC Tech Meetup

Nate Nash / May 14, 2014

Looking for something a bit different than your usual Thursday of jello shots and karaoke at Millie and Al's? Excellent. Come on down to DC Tech Meetup at the MLK Library and watch some of the DC's finest tech firms hawk their wares. We're on to demo at 7:15 and it looks like the agenda is stacked with solid firms.

All About Protests

Marc Vogtman / May 13, 2014

Last week we looked at the process of getting to contract award, introducing the Purse String Index for HHS and DHS. This week we’re taking a peek at what sometimes happens post-award – protests. A protest is an official challenge to the award or proposed award of a contract, or a challenge to the terms of a solicitation for a contract.

GovTribe deals in data. Gobs and gobs of government contract data. We use that data to provide insights into the world of federal contracting through our apps and Custom Reports.

One of the most important components of the federal contracting market is the point of contact for an opportunity. The point of contact (usually a Contracting Officer or CO) is often the only source of information about current and future contracts.

The fine folks over at GSA's new-fangled startup 18F are taking a rather refreshing approach to furthering the cause of open government data.