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​In previous posts I’ve gone through all of the agencies that have a spike in procurement activity at the end of the fiscal year. I thought it was worthwhile to also highlight those that maintain a more consistent pace of procurement activity.

We’ve already discussed one non-defense agency that does the vast majority of its procurements in the fourth quarter of the government fiscal year (July – September) – Department of State. In this post I want to do a quick review of the rest of the non-defense space.

Lockheed Martin is cooler than you. DISA gets the band back together. Want to run a gym? All of this and more in this edition of This Week In Government Contracting.

In my last post I covered Air Force, which is the defense agency with the most pronounced Q4 preference. Here I want to look at the other big defense agencies – Army and Navy – to determine which one conducts more of its procurement activity during the final quarter of the year.

If you’ve been following this series, we’re learning that the U.S. government tends to do the majority of its procurements within the final quarter of the fiscal year – July through September. Department of State is among the non-defense agencies that do an even higher percentage of their procurements in Q4 than average. But what about the defense agencies?

The U.S. government tends to do the majority of its procurements within the final quarter of the fiscal year – July through September. But it turns out not all agencies have a seasonal preference to the same degree.

The (Fiscal Year) End is Nigh

Marc Vogtman / Jul 6, 2015

I hope everyone in government contracting land had a nice holiday weekend. Now it’s time to get to work. Because we project that about 42,000 new solicitations for government contracts will be published on between now and September 30.

GovTribe in the News - Bisnow

Nate Nash / May 27, 2015

​Tania Anderson at Bisnow kindly covered us in today's edition of Tech Bisnow.

​Alliant launched in 2009 with two tracks. GSA awarded Alliant contracts to 57 companies (mostly large businesses) on the standard track, and to 68 registered small businesses on the small business track. In this final installment of our Alliant series, I'm going to dig in to the activity of Alliant Small Business.

​In part 1, I covered the big picture with regard to the way agencies and vendors are using Alliant. In this post I'm going a little further into the weeds. We know that some agencies are using this GWAC to award huge, multi-year task orders. But which agencies? And what kinds of task orders?

Jason Miller at Federal News Radio covered the first post in our series on the GSA Alliant GWAC vehicle.

Today I'm beginning a short series on Alliant – GSA's flagship, $50 billion governmentwide acquisition contract (GWAC) for IT solutions. Guess what you don't know about how these limited competition vehicles.

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As part of our efforts to make the government procurement process easier to understand, we take a look at Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) seven-year, $22 billion, multi-award IQC vehicle.

Fiscal Year 2014 in Review

Marc Vogtman / Oct 21, 2014

October is here again, and another government fiscal year has closed. Let's take a look back at the procurement activity of FY 2014 for the highs and the lows.