At GovTribe, we frequently get questions fromGovTribe users who are new to government contracting, or who have been in the industry for a bit and are now experiencing faster growth. We do our best to help companies like that to navigate the unique complexities of this business. With that in mind, we sat down with StreetShares to discuss government contract financing.

As challenging as it may be to win a government contract, that's only the first of many hurdles. You then need to staff up and fulfill that contract and that often requires cash. The government doesn’t pay up front, so what are your options? Check out the recording of our Government Contract Financing 101 webinar to hear our answers to these questions and many more.

To learn more about StreetShares, you can check out their site here. If you have questions for Brendon Dibella ( and David Bann ( from StreetShares, you can email them for more information.

Finally, a reminder of a previous collaboration between GovTribe and StreetShares - The Government Contractor Handbook. A helpful primer on starting and growing your business in the government contracting industry.

Recorded on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Government Contract Financing 101

The slide deck for the presentation can be downloaded here.

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23 minute discussion