The federal government has a great deal of freedom to award contracts to some companies on a sole source basis. That is, without competition and without public posting of those contract opportunities. GovTribe users frequently ask us about the sole source market - how to research it, how to take advantage of it. It's not as straightforward as the competitive bid and proposal process. It takes a bit more digging, and a lot more real-life legwork. But there is valuable information on GovTribe to inform your business development efforts around sole-sourced contracts.

In our March 7 webinar on Understanding Sole Sourced Contracts during we explored this wonky area of federal contracting. In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to research where sole source opportunities exist, who's winning them, and how. We also got some tips from our partner Elvis Oxley at McKeon Oxley Government Contracting about building the right relationships to break into the sole source market.

The slide deck for the presentation can be downloaded here.

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Recorded on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Understanding Sold Sourced Contracts

60 minute presentation including Q&A