To win many federal contracts, you'll need to assemble a quality team. Proposal writers need to work closely with SMEs, qualifications need to be collected, business development managers are constantly gathering competitive information, and your legal team probably just needs to relax. You've heard it all before. Collaborating with your proposal team is often a time consuming and conference-call filled process. GovTribe built Teams to help make the process of collaborating on federal contract proposals easier. With Teams, you can assemble a virtual federal proposal team, including ICAs, subcontractors, and anyone else you'd like to participate in the federal pursuit process.

You can create Teams for individual pursuits, or entire business segments. Create as many teams as you'd like, and delete them at any time. We give you the flexibility to build teams that match the needs of your business. Once you've created a (winning) team, add any relevant Pursuits, Pipelines, Dashboards, and Alerts. Your teammates will instantly see the shared content in their GovTribe account.

As former federal contractors, GovTribe understands how important effective security controls can be. That's why we've build Teams with role-based access control. Each Team member has a role of Owner, Collaborator or Viewer. As the Team's owner, you'll be able to restrict permissions for each individual user. For example, if you have an independent contractor that only needs to review the proposal, change their permission from "Collaborator" to "Viewer". They'll be able to see the Team's shared content, but won't be able to make changes.

GovTribe Teams is free to all new and existing subscribers. Give us a try today!