Do you want to see into the future (of federal contracting)? We launched a new feature that allows our customers to identify potential competitors before they submit their proposal - GovTribe Insights. Based on the details of your Pursuit - the agency, NAICS code, synopsis, contacting officers - Insights creates a model that determines who is likely to bid on an opportunity.

Magic, right? Best of all, Insights is completely automatic. Just use GovTribe Pipelines to create and manage your Pursuits, and Insights will constantly update your Pursuit's competitive model, providing fresh, well, insights, about your likely competition. Let's say you are bidding on the USAID LAVI Project. Once you've created your Pursuit, just click the Insights tab to get a list of your likely competition:

Spoiler Alert: The top predicted competitor, Development Alternatives, ended up being awarded the contract! In this case, Insights would have told you not only the most likely competition, but the most relevant competitor was the firm that won. Not bad. Insights is live now, and free for any GovTribe subscriber. Insights also contains other goodies like the ability to view similar awarded contracts, and to see how your Pursuit is performing relative to the rest of your Pipeline.