We're constantly working to improve functionality and user experience on GovTribe. Based on some feedback from users, and our own use of the tool, we've made some changes to Alerts. Here's what changed:

No More Pursuit Alerts

Previously, an alert was automatically created for every Pursuit created in one of your Pipelines. For some, this ended up making it difficult to sort out custom alerts among all of the Pursuit alerts. So Pursuit alerts no longer show up on the main Alerts page. You can manage Pursuit notifications through the settings tab of that Pursuit.

Additional Information

We've added some additional information about each alert to the main Alerts page. You can now see at a glance the date that an alert was last updated (or created). You can also see what kind of results the alert generates - Project results, Contract results, or both. An alert with a Result Type of Project provides notification of new contract opportunities or changes to existing procurements based on the established criteria (or rules). An alert with a Result Type of Contract provides notification of new contract awards, changes in obligations to existing contracts, or other contract modifications. An alert with a Result Type of Both will have a mixture of both Project and Contract activity notifications that meet your alert criteria.

(FYI, You can control the Result Type by adding a rule to your alert and selecting Contract Or Project as the variable.)


Finally, it is now possible to sort your alerts using any of the provided columns of information. Sort by name, result type, updated date, frequency, or the date of your last notification.