Every Friday, I take a look at the GovTribe usage stats and pick out a few trending federal government contracting opportunities from the past week. This series highlights the popular, interesting, or curiously named from the bunch. It is by no means a hard-hitting or in-depth analysis. It is merely a small window into the wacky and wonderful world of government contracting, based on the thousands of people using GovTribe. I suggest you read it during happy hour after a couple beverages. The jokes get funnier and let's be honest, I need all the help I can get.

During this week, we saw a sizable shift in eyeballs toward professional services contracts. With the clock ticking down toward pumpkin time for FY15, higher-end consulting opportunities are the bells of the ball.

Caped Crusader

The Office of the Secretary of Defense lit up sky this week with a Sources Sought for support of its Cost Assessment & Program Evaluation (CAPE) program. Littered with phrases like "major econometric models" and "detailed cost and inflation forecasts", I'm assuming the fact that I failed ECON101 (twice) excludes me from responding. However, if this is your kind of gig, you've got four days left to strap on your macroeconomic utility belt and submit a response.

The Threat From Within

The Air Force saw a lot of traffic to its Insider Threat solicitation this week. According to the PWS, "[c]ontinuing to develop the AF’s capabilities to deter, detect, respond, and mitigate insider threats will require a comprehensive effort to unify and build upon the AFs many disparate capabilities." I wonder if Booz Allen will respond. Tech approach...check. Project management plan...check. Past performance...ummm...check?

Bullets Passing in the Night

In a slight departure from the consulting biz traffic this week, the Military Sealift Command got a ton of views for its AMMUNTION MOVEMENT Sources Sought. If you've been keeping up with TWFC, (Hi Mom!) you know I love a nautically themed procurement. Thus, if you're like me and happen to own a self-sustaining, ocean-going vessel that can carry 32 trucks worth of ammo, I hope you got your response in before the due date.