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This is Part 2 of a blog post about high profile IDV re-compete procurements that are ramping up or completing at fiscal year end. (You can find Part 1 here.) In this post, I have three additional opportunities I want to highlight, so let’s dive right in.


  • Solicitation status: Solicitation of bids
  • Due Date: Proposals were due on 7/24/2015
  • Ceiling: $10 billion
  • Award type: Multiple award, 8(a) small business

8(a) STARS II is a government-wide acquisition contract (GWAC) through which any government agency can quickly award task orders for computer programming, computer design services, or IT facilities management to registered 8(a) small businesses. The current STARS opportunity isn’t a re-compete so much as a refresh. STARS II was originally awarded in 2011 and is likely to remain active through 2021. However, the General Services Administration (GSA) holds occasional “open season” sessions during which they accept bids from new companies who wish to be added to the STARS II vehicle.

STARS is leveraged by lots of agencies, and dozens of companies win task order awards through competitive 8(a) procurements on this vehicle. And, crucially, obligations under STARS II have nearly doubled every year since it went live, reaching nearly $1 billion in FY 2014.

8(a) STARS II - Dollars Obligated by Agency

STARS is an incredibly valuable GWAC for companies in the 8(a) program. Unfortunately, the open season proposal due date has passed so if you have not already submitted you’ll need to wait for the next one. In the meantime, it’s useful to understand which companies are winning task orders under STARS. On the right 8(a) opportunity, one of these firms might be seeking a teaming partner to strengthen its bid.

Recommended actions on GovTribe:

  • Track the 8(a) STARS II Project page to make sure you’re alerted when the award notice posts. The newly awarded vendors may be the most receptive to teaming on upcoming bids where they are competing against more experienced STARS awardees.
  • Set an Alert for “STARS II” with an agency filter of “General Services Administration.” This will ensure you don’t miss the award announcement even if GSA fails to connect the award notice to the existing chain.
  • Review vendor and agency performance on the 8(a) STARS vehicle to-date. Get an understanding of the types of task orders executed under this vehicle to determine if it’s valuable for your business.

Enterprise System Development (ESD) II

  • Solicitation status: Sources sought
  • Due Date: Capabilities statements were due on 6/8/2015
  • Ceiling: Not yet announced
  • Award type: Multiple award, large and small businesses

The current Enterprise System Development IDIQ contract, awarded in 2007, was the first indefinite delivery vehicle for managed IT services for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (under HHS). The vehicle has a $4 billion ceiling and was originally awarded to 16 companies – eight bigs and eight smalls.

ESD gained some notoriety back in 2013 when it came to light that the majority of the work on the (initially problematic) website was performed by CGI Federal through a non-competitive scope increase on a preexisting ESD task order. (We blogged about it at the time.) Since then, other criticisms have been leveled against ESD due to the fact that many of the small business track contract-holders have been acquired by large companies. Axeltech, Buccaneer, and ViPS were all acquired by General Dynamics. Alta IT Services was acquired by ManTech. EDS was acquired by Hewlett Packard. IDL Solutions was acquired by CACI. iFed was acquired by Deloitte. Maricom Systems was acquired by CSC.

As a result, ESD has lost some of its small business-friendly credentials. And a look at annual obligations by vendor becomes a bit confusing.

Enterprise System Development (ESD) - Dollars Obligated by Vendor

Likely as a result of the bad press the current vehicle has received over the years, HHS heavily emphasizes small business participation in the sources sought documentation for ESD II. They also stress the competitive nature of future task order awards, and seem to be recommending that smalls join together in competitive teams. As such, ESD II seems like a great opportunity for IT services small businesses to get a foot in the door through smart partnerships.

Capabilities statements against the sources sought notice were due on 6/8/2015, but there is nothing in the documentation that states a response was required in order to bid once the RFP is released. So we highly recommend that even partially qualified small businesses start getting ready to bid on this.

Recommended actions on GovTribe:

  • Track the ESD II Project page to make sure you’re alerted if and when updates or solicitation documents are posted.
  • Set an Alert for “ESD II” with an office filter of “Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services” in case CMS posts the solicitation as a new notice chain.
  • Set an Alert for “Enterprise System Development” with an office filter of “Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services” just in case CMS fails to use the acronym on future posts.
  • Review vendor performance on the current ESD IDIQ, but keep in mind the acquisitions I mentioned above when considering possible teaming partners.
  • Take advantage of our Radar tool to research small businesses who might be competitive for ESD II, and who are complementary to your own business’s core competencies. Start networking and putting together a strong bid team.

The Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) 2

  • Solicitation status: Solicitation of proposals
  • Due Date: 7/30/2015
  • Ceiling: $10.2 billion
  • Award type: Multiple award, no set-asides

The current WPS IDIQ contract is a Department of State vehicle for the provision of emergency response, personal protective, and guard services for State operations worldwide. WPS 1 was awarded to eight vendors, without any set-asides for small businesses, and has a ceiling of $10 billion.

Triple Canopy has gotten the largest share of obligations to-date, but not by a large margin over the next three vendors.

Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) - Dollars Obligated by Vendor

The current WPS IDIQ expires on 9/30/2015, so we expect that WPS 2 will be awarded before fiscal year end. While State has not made any commitments to make small business awards under this vehicle, the solicitation documents include language encouraging bidders to subcontract to small businesses.

At this point it’s likely that most of the bid teams are established, but you can bet bidders will be making proposal changes up until the submission date (Thursday 7/30). So any smalls that work in NAICS 561612 may want to consider reaching out to likely primes on this opportunity to see if you can help them strengthen their small business subcontracting plan. There isn’t a specific requirement that is evaluated related to subcontracting, but the solicitation documents do specifically call out State’s annual subcontracting goals:

  • Goal for subcontracting to Small Business: 32%
  • Goal for subcontracting to Small Disadvantaged Business: 5%
  • Goal for subcontracting to Small Women-owned Business: 5%
  • Goal for subcontracting to HUB Zone Firms: 3%
  • Goal for subcontracting to Service Disabled Veteran-owned Business: 3%

So there may be time to make a compelling case to a less competitive prime contract bidder that their proposal would be strengthened by a qualified small business sub (i.e. a member of the ICOCA in good standing).

Recommended actions on GovTribe:

  • Track the WPS 2 Project page to make sure you’re alerted if and when updates are posted or the due date changes.
  • Set an Alert for “Worldwide Protective Service” with an agency filter of “Department of State” in case State posts any updates disconnected from the existing notice chain.
  • Review vendor performance on the current WPS IDIQ. It’s highly likely all current awardees are bidding on the recompete.
  • If you are a qualified small business in this NAICS, take advantage of our Radar tool to research other vendors who are likely bidders or might be competitive. Non-incumbents with a smaller performance history may be interested in teaming with a small business to pursue a spot on WPS.

If you're planning to pursue these opportunities, or any others, you can manage your pursuits using our Pipeline tool. You can view some help videos on Tracking, Alerts, Pipelines, and our competitor analysis tool Radar here on our Learn page.

In upcoming blog posts:

  • A DSS Program Support Services IDIQ
  • A Department of Labor IT training IDIQ
  • And a special post on IDIQs for small businesses!

This blog post is part of a series on the Fiscal Year End. Check out the other posts in this series.