Every Friday, I take a look at the GovTribe usage stats and pick out some of the trending federal contracting opportunities from the past week. This series highlights the popular, interesting, or curiously named from the bunch. It is by no means a hard-hitting or in-depth analysis. It is merely a small window into the wacky and wonderful world of government contracting, based on the thousands of people using GovTribe. I suggest you read it during happy hour after a couple beverages. The jokes get funnier and let's be honest, I need all the help I can get.

The Cool Kids Table (For One)

The big winner for traffic this week is the Combined Orbital Operations Logistics Sustainment (COOLS) award. As a lifelong fan of government acronyms, this gig is a real winner for me. Bonus points to the Air Force for not taking the obvious next step and figuring out a way to work Billy Dee Williams into the contract. WAY too obvious.

After reviewing seven capability statements in February of 2013, Lockheed Martin emerged victorious with a $735 award on May 21, 2015. In the spirit of punctuality, the announcement was posted on June 8. Apparently Lockheed is the only company out there that could accomplish the work. I can't say I know much about flying satellites, but the Source Selection docs read like Arthur C. Clarke. Neat.

One More Song

Sometimes the fans want an encore. Sometimes they want two. On a rare occasion, you're the Defense Information Systems Agency and your fans are clamoring for the hat trick. Lots of traffic this week to the ENCORE III solicitation as the government posted an update to the aptly named document "ENCORE III Update." Looks like the purveyors of certifications opted for more CMMI and less ISO. RFP is due in AUG so schedule your PTO accordingly.

Gonna Make You Sweat

While the satellites and technology contracts tend to get the press, government contracting is not all ones and zeroes. Enter the Social Security Administration's solicitation for Fitness Center Operations and Management Services. This opp saw quite a bit of traffic this week. Frankly, after reading the performance work statement, it's well deserved. I've written my fair share of proposals in the past but I can't say I've ever included the words "Zumba" or "Yogalates" in a response.