How can you make sure you know, within 15 minutes of it happening, that Department of State just issued an RFI for a cloud services IDIQ?

How do you stay abreast of new Veteran Owned Small Business set-aside contract opportunities for infrastructure projects in the Memphis area?

What can you do to remain in the know on Department of the Treasury audit services contract opportunities?

GovTribe Alerts is the tool that addresses these needs and thousands like them.

In my previous post, I introduced GovTribe Tracking as the tool for staying on top of developments related to existing bid opportunities (among some other benefits). GovTribe Alerts provides a complementary capability – keeping you informed when new opportunities that meet your specific criteria are announced.

Like Google Alerts, GovTribe Alerts are essentially "saved searches" against our collection of every public contracting opportunity out there. If a new procurement is announced that meets your search criteria, we send you an e-mail as soon as it happens.

Watch this short video on how to use GovTribe Alerts to support your business development pipeline.