GovTribe receives all of its data from public federal government sources. Vendor information on our website comes from the System for Award Management (, which is where companies that sell to the government are required to register their business information. We update our vendor data monthly using a Public Data Package file provided by per the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Our policy is full transparency regarding companies that are registered to do business with the federal government via contracts or grants, and that means we publish everything that is in's Public Data Package file. You can read about the Public Data Package file by going to and clicking on the Data Access tab. The monthly file we use can be found about halfway down the page (in a box titled "Monthly File").

If any of your company information is incorrect or if you would like it changed for other reasons, we recommend that you update your profile. Changes will flow through to GovTribe once they make it in to the Public Data Package file.