We are proud to announce the beta release of our latest product, the GovTribe API. It is now easier than ever for you to directly access the market data that powers our iPhone, iPad, and Custom Reports products. The GovTribe API serves up shiny JSON at breakneck speed for all of your federal contracting data desires. Whether you are looking to track your pipeline of opportunities, keep track of the competition, or find suitable vendors for your next RFI, the GovTribe API has you covered.

We mine, manicure, and index data from multiple government sources to provide a clear picture of the market. Additionally, we provide relevant statistics for all of the market players.

Spend your time concentrating on you job, not dealing with disparate and dirty data. Write a killer app for your government agency. Fancy up those deal review spreadsheets with live data. Make your CRM come alive with actual activity from your favorite COs. The possibilities are endless.

With full text search across absolutely everything, we make it drop dead simple to find your particular needle in the woeful haystack of government data. And we do it in real time. Say! That's fun.

What can I do with the GovTribe API?

All sorts of neat stuff. Check out the docs for an exhaustive list but here are a few examples:

  • Easily search across 5 years worth of projects. This includes open opportunities as well as current contracts. (We call them all projects.)
  • Get the contact information for over 60,000 government points of contact.
  • Analyze the procurement history of your competition or partners.
  • Check out pre-built slices of the data like "all vendors who win total small business set aside projects from USAID."
  • Subscribe to a real time activity feed for a specific agency, office, person, category, or vendor.

How much does the GovTribe API cost?

During the beta release, it's free. After the beta release, we'll have a good/better/best pricing plan based on request volume.

What in the world is an API?

If you are looking for an excellent technical definition of an API, this Wikipedia article is the veritable knees of the bee. However, we humbly posit the following layman's definition for those with fewer pockets to protect.

The GovTribe API is a standard way to access cleaned and aggregated government contracting data over the Internet. It's meant to be read by computers.