For those of you keeping score at home, it has indeed been quite a while since last you heard from the GovTribe team. Not to fear, we have been working hard on our latest release: hōrd version 2.0. We could not be more excited with the results and think you will enjoy the improved capabilities. For the skimmers out there, major improvements include the following:

  • Data for 130 federal government agencies.
  • Improved activity messages, giving you better insight with less tapping.
  • Ability to visually navigate relationships between projects and vendors, points of contact and categories, and more.
  • Significant performance improvements.

One of the most noticeable improvements is the completely redesigned user interface. hōrd 2.0 places the activity you care about front and center. Here's a look at one of our most valued customers' hōrd. The combined activity of the things George is hōrding is the first thing he sees. George also has some interesting stats to see how his hōrd is doing in comparison to the rest of the community.

In addition to real time activity feeds for the things you care about, hōrd 2.0 provides a tappable relationship map. This shows you who is connected to what and where things sit in the organizational structure of the federal government. Stop maintaining organizational charts for your clients and let hōrd show you the way.


Take a look at our interactive demo and explore the other capabilities of hōrd 2.0. We have a rack of new stuff coming out in the coming months so stay tuned and win more work!