Fresh on the heels of our biggest release to date, GovTribe is proud to announce hōrd 2.1. Available for immediate download or update from the Apple App Store, hōrd 2.1 brings a new type of important activity for the things in your hōrd as well as a complete view of the procurement activity of the federal government.


Knowing the who, what, where, and when of a contract protest is vital in the highly competitive market of federal contracting. hōrd by GovTribe now gives you that information in real time.

Worried about your competitor filing a protest? Look them up in hōrd and see what they've done in the past?

Want to see the history of the GAO attorney deciding the outcome of your protest? Look them up in hōrd and gauge your chances.  


Sometimes you just want to see everything. And by "everything" we mean the real time procurement activity of every single agency in the federal government.

Peruse the Big Feed to discover agencies and offices you didn't know existed.

See what people are hōrding and dropping in real time. Maybe you missed something important. Maybe they did.