As some of you may know, the founders of GovTribe spent a good chunk of their professional lives consulting for Deloitte. In fact, some of our experiences there helped to shape the vision for what GovTribe is today. We keep in frequent contact with our former colleagues as many of them have transitioned into current users of hōrd. Rodrigo Ortiz, a Specialist Leader in Deloitte's Federal Government Practice had this to say about hōrd.

“I use it [hōrd] constantly in my work to track USAID proposals and updates as well as key people and missions associated with the opportunities. Its amazing to be able to do this in real time on an iPhone and since it pushes content it will remind you of updates as they occur. I highly recommend it.”

Thanks Rodrigo! We're glad you like it.

Recently the GovTribe team was meeting with our former colleagues and the idea came up to work together on something. After batting around a few thoughts, we settled on a strategy. The strategy in fact, is to do some strategy work with the newly acquired Monitor Deloitte. Hurray for strategies!

The gist of the gig is that starting today, GovTribe is essentially both a client of Monitor Deloitte and a staff development provider. Multiple small teams of junior folks will work to develop the skeletons of growth strategies that fit the GovTribe culture, capacity, and vision. In return, as the founders of GovTribe spent years in the consulting trenches, we will provide honest and directed feedback as to the feasibility of the presented strategies as well as ongoing updates on their impacts. We could not be more excited about the project and will keep you informed as we go along.