As we discussed a few weeks back, GovTribe and Monitor Deloitte have been working together on a strategy competition of sorts. Check out this post for the full details.

Last night, Nate and Marc from the GovTribe team headed over to the Deloitte mothership in Rosslyn to judge the final presentations. All in all, we were pleased with the results. Highlights included thinking on product development, pricing, partnerships, and brand awareness. Each of the 3 teams presented approaches that we will likely include in our coming activity. However, as with all competitions, there must a winner. So, in no particular order, the names of the winning team members are as follows:

The winning strategy focused on expanding brand awareness and targeted marketing of both hōrd, as well as GovTribe staff. We chose this strategy because of its implied cost/benefit tradeoffs, ability to be implemented quickly, and projected impact. In addition to the winning team above, the following people from Monitor Deloitte participated in the event:

We promised to keep the Monitor Deloitte folks updated on the performance of their ideas and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks to all who participated! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or thoughts.