GovTribe realizes that competing in the world of federal contracting takes more than just finding and responding to opportunities. Keeping tabs on your competition and potential partners is critical to staying afloat in this highly competitive market. We built our app hōrd to help you do just that.

When a vendor wins a full and open contract with the federal government, they become available to track, or in our jargon - hōrd. From there forward, every award announcement or protest action is automatically added to their activity feed. By adding vendors to your hōrd, you can easily evaluate your competition or potential partners through their procurement activity.

Here's a few of our favorite ways to get the intel you need:

Searching For Vendors

Start typing the name of a vendor you are interested in and we'll deliver the matching results. Tap to see the vendor details or swipe to hōrd immediately. We found Palantir in the pic.

Using Relationships to Find Vendors

For projects that have been awarded, we'll list the winning vendors. Tap through to see the details, then add to your hōrd. Congrats to Deloitte!

Recommending Vendors

Once you hōrd a vendor or two, we'll start recommending other vendors we think you'll like. Tap through to see the details or swipe to hōrd immediately. If you like construction projects, you probably know Hensel Phelps.

Trending Vendors

Some of the vendors in hōrd are very popular. As such, they'll show up in our trends. Tap to see the detail or swipe to hōrd immediately. Looks like SRA is really popular.