Curious about federal procurement data? So are we. Actually, it's one of the main reasons we founded GovTribe. Also, it is the foundation for our first product, hōrd. Agency spending data is far too difficult to find, understand, and track. To help ease the process, and maybe even make it interesting, we've launched a series of blog posts on the spending habits of different agencies - Agency Insight.

For our first post, let's take a quick look at a single agency - USAID, and a specific metric - most awarded vendors. To us, most awarded means the firms that received the most USAID-issued award notices from February 2002 through December 2012 (we'd like to go back further in history, but alas, this is all the data FBO has to offer). Keep in mind that this doesn't include data like task order awards, which aren't available publicly.

Stay tuned for more analysis and check out hōrd.