GovTribe is interested in democratizing government data. Our first product, hōrd was designed to do just that. We give everyone the ability to quickly access useful government procurement information, from a mobile device, both online and off. We turn RFPs and RFIs into information humans are interested in, like Notices, Topics and Organizations. We let you add these things to your hōrd so that you can keep track of your favorite USAID Mission, contracting officer, or competitor. We price it at 4 bucks so that anyone can buy it. We want people to make their own technology choices and be in the know, the minute something happens.

While enhancing hōrd, as well as building new products, we mine a ton of data. Within that data, there are all sorts of interesting tidbits of information that can be aggregated into something both titillating as well as useful. For example, hōrd Trends (available within the app now) gives you up to the minute information about what people think is popular or important within the world of USAID contracting. How you use our insights is at your discretion. However, we think it will help you make critical business development decisions, such as whether to invest precious resources in a pursuit or contact a potential teaming partner.

Thus far, GovTribe has been mostly interested in the business of US Government contracting. For example, hōrd only contains information related to contracts. However, the world of US Government Assistance, which includes things like grants, direct assistance, and loans is also a large part of how work is accomplished. To that end, we were interested in better understanding this area for our current agency of focus, USAID.

Graph one provides a distribution of funds by what we are calling “type”. This combines all contract types with all assistance types to show their percentage of by dollar amount with respect to overall USAID spend.

Graph two provides a fiscal year breakdown of contract obligations and assistance dollar amounts going back to FY 2000.

Graph three provides the top 10 contractors by obligation and the top 10 assistance recipients by amount, plotted next to each other, with dollar values for each.

* Data is sourced from and unaltered, except for rounding for formatting. GovTribe makes no claims as to the validity or integrity of the data sourced from