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Major GovTribe Upgrade on August 27th

Marc Vogtman / Aug 14, 2018

The GovTribe Team is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a major upgrade to the GovTribe platform.

Join us live on Thursday, 12/14. Marc Vogtman of GovTribe and Mark Rockefeller of Streetshares are discussing the SBA Task Force on Small Business Development. What is it? What are it's goals? How does it relate to your business development efforts?

As challenging as it may be to win a government contract, that's only the first of many hurdles. You then need to staff up and fulfill that contract and that often requires cash. The government doesn’t pay up front, so what are your options? In this video, we talk with StreetShares about government contract financing for small businesses.

The Government Contractor Handbook

Marc Vogtman / Jun 12, 2017

In partnership with StreetShares, FedBid, and WinBiz, we have written a handbook for early stage and aspiring government contractors. Learn the basics to getting started in this complex, sometimes overwhelming, industry.

In our May 3 webinar, on Veteran-Owned Businesses in GovCon we chatted with one of our partners, Bunker Labs, about transitioning to the private sector, military veteran entrepreneurship, and set-aside contracting for veteran-owned businesses in the federal space.

CBP kicked off the border wall program with three unusually broad and non-specific solicitations. And also some fairly modest objectives.

The federal government has a great deal of freedom to award contracts to some companies on a sole source basis. That is, without competition and without public posting of those contract opportunities. In our webinar on Understanding Sole Sourced Contracts we explore this wonky area of federal contracting.

In our October 18 webinar, we spoke with our friends over at FedBid about the growing federal reverse auction market for commoditized goods and services. We discussed what it means for sellers and buyers alike, what role FedBid is playing, and how their marketplace works.

GovTribe is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Arlington-based company, Eastern Foundry. Eastern Foundry is a first-of-its-kind marketplace where technologists, government contractors and agencies convene to exchange information and opportunities, find teaming partners and conduct business.

In our October 11th webinar, we talked with Robert Tijerina of M3 Government Services GSA Federal Supply Schedules and their role in the federal contracting market. We discussed the process of getting onto a schedule, when it's beneficial and when it can be counterproductive, and how to research your market segment to determine if a schedule makes sense for your company.

In a very interesting joint webinar, we talked with Elvis Oxley of McKeon Oxley Government Contracting about working with small businesses to develop strategies for growing a federal contracting business. Specifically, we discussed how to leverage your first contract win into a sustainable business, including how to use GovTribe to better understand how to evaluate your market.

Here is an edited recording of our August 9 webinar, Understanding Multi-Award Vehicles. During the training, we provided a primer on multi-award vehicles, covering what they are, how they work, and how and why the federal government uses them. We then went over some specific market research you can do on GovTribe focused on the gray market of Multi-Award Vehicles.

Here is an edited recording of our August 4 webinar, Competitive Analysis and Partner Research (and Pursuits and Insights). We covered how to use historical and active contract information to determine p-win, estimate contract value, and make your bid/no-bid decisions on specific bid opportunities. We also discussed more general competitive research including how to research incumbent contracts and contractors, and how to use contract information to understand the competitive landscape, determine the best way to enter a market segment, and identify teaming partners.

In case you missed our live webinar on Thursday, July 28, here is a recording of the session in full. In 21 minutes we provided a comprehensive look at GovTribe's collaborative capabilities.

Webinar Recording: Building a Pipeline

Marc Vogtman / Jul 26, 2016

Watch this recording of our webinar on building a business development Pipeline. We covered how to set up and use Pipelines and discussed various potential processes for bid opportunity review and proposal development. We also answered user questions about managing a BD process using GovTribe.