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2018-2020 Park Attendant Services J. Strom Thurmond Dam and Lake Last updated 17 hours ago / Department of the Army
Due 11/14/17

The Contractor shall provide Park Attendant Services for one position at a specific location at J. Strom Thurmond Lakes and Dams. read more

SV GEORGIA - COOLING JACKET WATER SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS Last updated 20 hours ago / Department of the Army
Due 10/26/17

Operations Division, Navigation Management Branch is requesting the SV GEORGIA - starboard main propulsion diesel engine service by an authorized Detroit Diesel Marine Dealer/Mechanic. 1. Point of Contact (POC): (Invoices/Access/Technical) Jim Bodenrader: (912) 652-6112 James.A.Bodenrader@usace.a... read more

Architects and Engineers General Design Last updated 1 week ago / Department of the Army
Due 11/13/17

Technical Point of Contract: Samuel. J. Hong at 912-652-5556 or; Questions concerning subcontracting plan: Leila Hollis at 912-652-5340 or email:; and Contractual Questions to: Sabrina Bastine at 912-652-5943 or email: sabrina.bastine@us... read more