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Los Padres Command Center Janitorial Last updated 3 days ago / Department of Agriculture
Due 2/20/17

The Contractor shall furnish necessary labor, equipment, and supplies (except as specified below) for janitorial services for the Los Padres Command Center, located at 3960 Mitchell Road, Santa Maria, CA 93455. APPROXIMATE SQUARE FOOTAGE Total EMPTY dimensions: 48 x 60 = 2,880 square feet (minus com... read more

3N16 Road Washout Repairs Last updated 3 days ago / Department of Agriculture
Due 3/7/17

The U.S. Forest Service has a requirement for road embankment washout repairs at two locations on 3N16. The Contractor shall provide all labor, equipment, tools, materials, transportation and incidental items to the performance of the work. The job is located at San Bernardino National Forest, 602 S... read more