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Database Administration Services Last updated 1 day ago / Department of the Navy
Due 11/15/16

1.0 Background/Introduction:The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) located in Monterey, California supports the U.S. Navy, other military branches, and foreign military services with postgraduate education for personnel. Additionally, NPS provides significant research capabilities to the Department of... read more

Due 11/2/16

Sole Source Procurement to CPP, Inc.Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) Step II Interpretive Report-Form Q [267149]Center for Executive EducationNaval Postgraduate SchoolThe learning objectives of the Navy Senior Leadership Seminar (NSLS) are to 'know your Navy,' 'know yourself,' and... read more

Cellphone Base Stations Last updated 1 year ago / Department of the Navy
Due 8/17/17

A funded research program is being conducted that is focused on the development of advanced technology for reconnaissance applications. More specifically, masters and PhD students, as well as faculty, in the Electronic Systems Engineering and also the Space Systems Engineering curriculums, are inves... read more