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REPLACE WATER DISTRIBUTION PIPING (UW1) Last updated 1 day ago / Department of Homeland Security
Sources Sought
Due 11/4/17

THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE TO IDENTIFY INTERESTED CONTRACTORS TO DETERMINE THE SET-ASIDE: This project is to furnish all labor, materials, equipment and supervision necessary for installation of approximately 1,300 feet of 8-inch potable water main and appurtenances, 800 feet of 6-inch pota... read more

Repair Roof at UPH ATC Mobile, Alabama Last updated 1 week ago / Department of Homeland Security
Sources Sought
Due 10/26/17

SOURCES SOUGHT: THIS IS ONLY A SURVEY OF THE MARKET TO DETERMINE IF THERE ARE POTENTIAL CONTRACTORS THAT CAN SATISFY THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENT: The work includes furnishing all labor, supervision, equipment, materials, and tools to repair a roof at UPH ATC Mobile, Alabama. The proposed work will r... read more