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Due 6/6/17

Request for Quotation: 6ea Dipole/Quadrupole Magnet Corrector Assembly in strict accordance with the attached drawings and Statement of Work (Attachment 1) read more

Ionization Chamber Last updated 5 days ago / Department of Energy
Due 5/31/17

Request for Quotation for the following or an Equivalent: (3ea) - Gridded Ionization Chambers 150 mm length Aperture (v x h): 6 mm x 15.7+2*2mm Gas valve with ΒΌ"Swagelok compatible screw fitting Pressure relief valve, > 3 Bar Mounting socket (3ea) - Digital absolute pressure gauge, 0 ... 4 Bar wi... read more

Vacuum products Last updated 10 months ago / Department of Energy
Due 8/2/17

1)1 each X1699-64043 TPS-flexy 84FS CFF4.5,IDP3,120V,gauge2)1 each X3502-64002 TwisTorr 84FS CFF 4.5in3)1 each X3502-68000 Inlet screen CFF 4.5in4)1 each X3508-64001 TwisTorr 84FS AG Rack c/u RS232/485 5)2 each 9699199 DIY Full-Range Kit CFF 2.75 in6)1 each SH-110 SCROLL PUMP 1-PHASE7)1 each CORD S... read more