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Upgrade to TVIPS camera TemCam - X F416 UHV for AC - LEEM/PEEM Last updated 2 hours ago / Department of Energy
Sources Sought
Due 6/28/18

SOURCES SOUGHT FOR THE FOLLOWING: 1EA Upgrade to TVIPS camera TemCam - XF416 UHV for AC - LEEM/PEEM: Including: ~new imaging chamber ~VAT Series 01 gate valve CF 40 with additional CF16 pumping flange ~VAT Series 10 gate valve CF63 ~VAT easy close right angle valve CF16 ~UHV CF40 to CF63 adapter... read more

SmarAct Inc. PicoScale Interferometer Sensor or equivalent Last updated 3 hours ago / Department of Energy
Due 6/30/18

SmarAct Inc or equivalent PicoScale Interfermoter Sensor as detailed further in the attached solicitation and Enclosure 1, Draft PO. read more