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Due 11/4/16

The Title III Program has identified Radiation Hardened Transistors & Diodes as a technology area of interest for potential future activities. Interested companies are encouraged to determine if they have information pertaining to this topic. Title III is investigating the need to expand existing do... read more

Advanced Materials at the Coatings, Corrosion, Erosion Laboratory (CCEL) Last updated 2 days ago / Department of the Air Force
Due 10/27/16

This is an announcement that the Air Force Research Laboratory (ARFL) intends to award a new Sole Source Contract to maintain International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17025 certification, Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE) 5505 accreditation and possess the expertise, capabilities,... read more

Sources Sought
Due 11/18/16

AFRL/RXS has a need to provide systems support for improved materials and processes (M&P) for fielded systems, next-generation aircraft M&P, and novel M&P testing, evaluation, repair development, and integration activities. This effort is needed to address interactions between adhesives, composites... read more

Due 11/29/16

This Defense Production Act (DPA) Title III project shall establish domestic capability for producing secure hybrid composite intermodal containers (SHCIC). Emphasis will be placed on expansion and/or modernization of affordable production processes and effective utilization of industrial manufactur... read more

Quantification of Aging from Long-term Exposure Last updated 2 weeks ago / Department of the Air Force
Due 11/21/16

Air Force Research Laboratory, AFRL/RXC, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Structural Materials is announcing to industry its intent to solicit proposals under this Broad Agency Announcement (BAA). This research will utilize legacy carbon-fiber composite airframe components to establish the e... read more

Metals Affordability Initiative III Last updated 3 weeks ago / Department of the Air Force
Due 11/18/16

Objective is to establish either a Cooperative Agreement or a Technology Investment Agreement for the entire MAI III effort and in addition to select a Recipient as the MAI III Consortium Administrator. MAI III Agreement Orders will be conducted by aerospace metals industry consortium whose goal is... read more

Spectrum Warfare Enduring Challenges (SWEC) Last updated 1 month ago / Department of the Air Force
Due 1/31/17

NOTICE OF CONTRACT ACTION (NOCA). The United States' defense strategy continues to evolve in order to best position the Department of Defense (DoD) to counter evolving global threats, to provide an effective geopolitical deterrent for the nation, and to maintain a decisive military advantage in... read more