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Sources Sought
Due 4/7/17

This is a Full and Open Competition Sources Sought Notice.A Contractor is needed to restore the finish on all bronze and anodized aluminum surfaces within the base contract scope to their original appearance to include both sides of the exterior and interior doors, vestibule frames, and door headers... read more

Production Facility Greenhouse Design Services Last updated 3 weeks ago / Architect of the Capitol
Sources Sought
Due 3/31/17

The Architect of the Capitol (AOC) is posting this sources sought announcement for acquisition planning relative to a greenhouse design under the jurisdiction of the United States Botanic Garden. Interested parties should demonstrate knowledge and expertise in the design of greenhouses, fall protect... read more

Due 3/31/17

I. BACKGROUND The United States Capitol ("Capitol") in Washington, D.C., is a symbol of the American people and their government and the meeting place of the nation's legislature. The Capitol also houses an important collection of American art, and it is an architectural achievement in its o... read more