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Drain and Flush Preaction Fire Suppression system Last updated 1 day ago / Department of the Air Force
Due 10/31/17

Drain and flush fire sprinkler piping to eliminate the foam extinguishing agent that is trapped in the fire sprinkler piping network from previous system activations. This foam agent is corrosive in nature and is degrading the piping.SITE VISIT 24 October 2017 0900am ET- please report to the commeri... read more

Dover AFB Protestant Chapel Religious Education Coordination Services Last updated 1 week ago / Department of the Air Force
Due 10/24/17

The contractor shall provide all personnel, labor, materials, and transportation to provide non-personal service in support of the Dover Chapel for the Dover Protestant Religious Education Coordinator. The contractor shall serve as the coordinator, teacher, facilitator, and organizer of the Protest... read more