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Response Trailer Last updated 1 hour ago / Department of the Air Force
Due 8/7/17

Per AFMAN 32-1007 Table 4.2, 22 CES/CEX does not meet the 4FW9M response trailer requirements. The flight's current response trailer is a 10' x 4.5' trailer, however, AFMAN 32-1007 states that the minimum length and width of a response trailer be 24' X 7'9". 2.1 Performance Requi... read more

Fitness Center Spin Cycles Last updated 6 days ago / Department of the Air Force
Due 7/25/17

The fitness center at McConnell AFB is requesting 16 Life Fitness IC7 group exercise bikes or equal, both the base and the console. The console will be "VI_MyPTT myride vx personal screens (english). A specifications sheet will be attached listing the different attributes the bike has. REQUIRED BIK... read more