What is the Purpose of Partners?

GovTribe Partners has two important components.

  1. Creating a list of preferred potential partners.
  2. Claiming your own vendor profile and enhancing it with a partnering profile.

GovTribe enables you to create a list of favorite Vendors (companies) that you may be considering as potential teaming partners on a bid opportunity. As you conduct research on a specific opportunity, a contract vehicle under which you wish to get work, or a market segment you wish to enter, you may identify other Vendors with whom a partner relationship may be worth exploring. You can add those Vendors to your Partners list for later reference and follow-up.

We also allow users to enhance their own Vendor pages with information useful to other companies seeking teaming partners. By "Claiming" your own company's Vendor page you are able to add a partnering profile to it - advertising your interest in partnering opportunities in specific market segments and on certain types of opportunities

Adding Partners

Adding Vendors to your Partners list is very simple. Here's how it works:

  • 1 Discover potential partners though various searches on GovTribe. You can do a basic search using Explore Vendors, a past performance-based search using Radar, or through researching Contract activity in Explore Contracts. Add Partner
  • 2 Click the name of the Vendor to go to its profile page. Add Partner
  • 3 Add the Vendor as a Partner by selecting "Add Partner" from the hamburger menu button on the top right, or by clicking on the heart icon under the Vendor's name. Add Partner
  • 4 Your Partner has been added. Go to the Partner's tab in your sidebar to see it. Add Partner

Organizing Partners

We've made it possible to easily categorize and sort your Partners list. Here's how it works:

  • 1 Click the "Partners" tab on the sidebar. Add Partner
  • 2 Add custom tags to Partners by simply typing them in to the text area and clicking on the tag name. Organize Partners
  • 3 Search your Partners list by Category, set-aside, location, or your custom tags to filter your list. Organize Partners

Removing Partners

Removing a Vendor from your Partners list is also very easy. Here's how it works:

  • 1 From the Partners page, you can click on the red heart icon on any Partner you wish to remove. Remove Partners
  • 2 On the profile page for a Vendor in your Partners list, click on the red heart under the Vendor name, or select the "Remove Partner" item from the hamburger button drop-down menu on the top right of the page. Remove Partners

Claiming your Vendor Page

Claiming a Vendor profile page for the purpose of enhancing it with your Partner information is pretty easy, and a useful way to communicate to potential partners the kind of partnerhip opportunities you're seeking. Here's how it works:

  • 1 Find the Vendor profile page you would like to claim by searching for it on Explore Vendors.
  • 2 Select "Claim Vendor" from the hamburger button drop-down menu in the upper right of the page. Claim Vendor
  • 3 Complete the short Claim Vendor Listing form that pops up. Please include any information that will help us to validate that you are authorized to represent the company on GovTribe. It's most helpful if the claimant is one of the Contacts listed on the public profile for the Vendor. Claim Vendor
  • 4 Wait for a GovTribe staff member to review your claim request. We may contact you to request additional information prior to approving your claim. Claim Vendor
  • 5 You will receive an email notification when your claim is approved. When you do, click the "Finish" button at the top of the Vendor page and complete the Captcha. Claim Vendor
  • 6 The Vendor page is now yours. You can now add a Partnering Profile to the Vendor page.

Completing your Partnering Profile

Once you have successfully claimed a Vendor page, you can complete your Partnering Profile to advertise your capabilities and partnering interests to other companies. Here's how it works:

  • 1 Click on the new "Partnering" tab that appeared on the page after you claimed it. Complete the set-up wizard, adding the requested information about your Vendor's capabilities and partnering interests. Claim Vendor
  • 2 When you have completed the wizard, your Partnering Profile is ready for publication. Click the "Publish" button to make it public. Claim Vendor
  • 3 Your Partnership Profile now appears at the top of your Vendor page. You can edit or unpublish it at any time by returning to the Partner tab and clicking Edit. Claim Vendor

Releasing your Vendor Claim

If you need to release your claim on a Vendor page, doing so is very easy. Note that if you cancel your GovTribe subscription, your claim on any Vendor is automatically released. Here's how it works:

  • 1 Go to your account settings page by clicking the gear icon in the upper left of the screen. Then click on the Claimed Vendor tab to see a list of the Vendors you have claimed. Unclaim Vendor
  • 2 Click the name of the Vendor to go to the profile page.
  • 3 Select the "Remove Vendor Claim" item in the hamburger drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the page. Unclaim Vendor
  • 4 That's it! You have now removed your claim on this Vendor and deleted the Partnering Profile.