Sponsoring Agency USDA
    POP 12/22/15 - 2/14/21 (5 years)


Professional Surveying and mapping services are required to support the US Forest Service which include but are not limited to the planning, design, and construction of engineering projects. These services may include photogrammetric mapping requiring acquisition of film and/or digital aerial photography, aerotriangulation, stereo mapping compilation, orthophotography, land use/land cover interpretation, creation of horizontal and vertical control networks, ground control for support of photogrammetric and LiDAR mapping, topographic mapping using total stations or Global Positioning Systems(GPS); boundary surveys, bathymetric survey, detailed planimetric surveys; profile, cross section surveys. Geographic Information System (GIS) services required under this contract may include the creation, implementation, transformation, manipulation of spatial data supporting the management of ESRI Geodatabases.

  • $115k Aggregate Dollars Obligated
  • $115k Aggregate Base & Exercised Options
  • $115k Aggregate Base & All Options (Ceiling)

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