Sponsoring Agency DHS
    POP 6/7/11 - 6/6/18 (6 years)


The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) has has awarded a Master IDIQ to provide up to 101 Cutter Boat Over-The-Horizon IV (CB-OTH-IV)s that will deploy from USCG parent cutters (ships) such as the National Security Cutter and Fast Response Cutter class vessels. CB-OTH-IV is a multi-mission asset supporting: Ports, Waterways and Coastal Security; Search and Rescue, Drug Interdiction; Alien Migrant Interdiction Operations; Living Marine Resources; and Other Law Enforcement and National Defense missions.

  • $26.3m Aggregate Dollars Obligated
  • $26.3m Aggregate Base & Exercised Options
  • $26.3m Aggregate Base & All Options (Ceiling)

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