Sponsoring Agency USAID
    POP 9/22/14 - 9/22/19 (4 years)


PROMOTE will invest in opportunities that enable educated women (i.e., women between 18 and 30 years of age who have at least a secondary education) to enter and advance into decision-making positions in Afghanistan's public, private and civil society sectors. This cohort is estimated at over 200,000 strong--and growing fast, with approximately 164,000 girls attending secondary school nationwide. These women represent a valuable source of talent and expertise for the country. Focused on these groups, PROMOTE will activate a sustainable process leading to a critical mass of new and upcoming generations of Afghan women assuming decision making and leadership roles in mainstream social, political and economic spheres. PROMOTE will directly benefit a minimum of 75,000 women within the targeted cohort.

  • $54.2m Aggregate Dollars Obligated
  • $181m Aggregate Base & Exercised Options
  • $181m Aggregate Base & All Options (Ceiling)

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