Sponsoring Agency HHS
    POP 9/20/13 - 9/19/18 (4 years)


The Development Therapeutics Program (DTP) of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis (DCTD) has awarded a Master IDIQ to develop and produce pharmaceutically acceptable parenteral dosage forms of promising new agents with activity against cancer. Certain agents selected by the NCI, DCTD will be assigned for development and production as parenteral products. Batch sizes shall range from small batches (100 - 200 units) to intermediate size batches to be used in Phase I and II trials (1,000 - 5,000 or more units).

  • $3k Aggregate Dollars Obligated
  • $3k Aggregate Base & Exercised Options
  • $3k Aggregate Base & All Options (Ceiling)

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