Sponsoring Agency USAF
    POP 3/25/15 - 3/24/17 (1 year)


Engineering and Technology Acquisition Support Services II (ETASS II) provides the Electronic Systems Center (ESC) with engineering capabilities to successfully assist in execution and technical support of ESC programs. The engineering capabilities also assist ESC in the delivery of standardized processes. These may include all or a subset of the engineering spectrum with related engineering skill sets in related disciplines. These engineering capabilities may include but are not limited to a required knowledge base in the following skill sets: Configuration management; software; network systems; information technology; engineering (system, aerospace, electronic, electrical, mechanical, civil/construction, computer) communications; information assurance; Enterprise Risk Assessment Integration.

  • $208.6m Aggregate Dollars Obligated
  • $257.2m Aggregate Base & Exercised Options
  • $375.6m Aggregate Base & All Options (Ceiling)

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