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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturing Last active 2 hours ago

Fiber optic cable made from purchased fiber optic strand read more

Petroleum Refineries Last active 2 hours ago

Petroleum lubricating oils made in petroleum refineries, Coke, petroleum, made in petroleum refineries, Waxes, petroleum, made in petroleum refineries... read more

Transaxles, automotive, truck, and bus, manufacturing, Assembly line rebuilding of automotive, truck, and bus transmissions, Constant velocity joints,... read more

Moving sidewalk installation, Escalator installation, Vending machine installation, Incinerators, building equipment type, installation, Lightning pro... read more

Containers, light gauge metal (except cans), manufacturing, Vacuum bottles and jugs, light gauge metal, manufacturing, Cash boxes, light gauge metal,... read more

Compression packings manufacturing, Gaskets manufacturing, Molded packings and seals manufacturing, Gasket, packing, and sealing devices manufacturing... read more

Security alarm systems sales combined with installation, repair, or monitoring services, Alarm system monitoring services, Alarm systems sales combine... read more

Rubber and plastics belts and hoses (without fittings) manufacturing, Motor vehicle hoses, rubber or plastics, manufacturing, Transmission belts, rubb... read more

Compasses, portable magnetic-type, manufacturing, Radioactivity detection, identification, and computation (RADIAC) equipment manufacturing, Detectors... read more

Data processing services (except payroll services, financial transaction processing services), Computer time rental, Automated data processing service... read more

Construction management, water and sewage treatment plant, Sanitary sewer construction, Geothermal drilling, Water system storage tank and tower const... read more

Periodical Publishers Last active 2 hours ago

Trade magazine and periodical publishers and printing combined, Publishers, periodical, combined with printing, Technical magazine and periodical publ... read more

Insulation and cushioning, polystyrene foam plastics, manufacturing, Shipping pads and shaped cushioning, polystyrene foam, manufacturing, Ice buckets... read more

Filters, furnace, manufacturing, Air scrubbing systems manufacturing, Attic fans manufacturing, Electrostatic precipitation equipment manufacturing, F... read more

Other Building Material Dealers Last active 2 hours ago

Roofing material dealers, Electrical supply stores, Plumbing supply stores, Hardwood flooring dealers, Prefabricated building dealers, Cabinet stores,... read more