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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Other Residential Care Facilities Last active 11 hours ago

Child group foster homes, Boys' and girls' residential facilities (e.g., homes, ranches, villages), Camps, boot or disciplinary (except correctional),... read more

Telecommunications equipment and wiring (except transmission line) installation contractors, Intercommunication (intercom) system installation, Low vo... read more

Switch cutouts manufacturing, Connectors, electric cord, manufacturing, Rheostats (i.e., dimmer switches), current carrying wiring device, manufacturi... read more

Automotive front end alignment shops, Automotive brake repair shops, Automotive tune-up shops, Suspension repair shops, automotive, Electrical repair... read more

Data processing services (except payroll services, financial transaction processing services), Computer time rental, Automated data processing service... read more

Security alarm systems sales combined with installation, repair, or monitoring services, Alarm system monitoring services, Alarm systems sales combine... read more

Engineering Services Last active 12 hours ago

Engineering consulting services, Combustion engineering consulting services, Industrial engineering services, Chemical engineering services, Acoustica... read more

Traffic lane painting, Underpass construction, Surfacing, highway, road, street, bridge or airport runway, Parking lot marking and line painting, High... read more

Self-help organizations (except for disabled persons, the elderly, persons diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities), Travelers' aid... read more

Powder metallurgy products manufactured on a job or order basis read more

Ambulance Services Last active 12 hours ago

Emergency medical transportation services, air or ground, Rescue services, air, Air ambulance services, Rescue services, medical, Ambulance services,... read more

Lens mounting (except ophthalmic), Night vision optical device manufacturing, Instrument lenses manufacturing, Glasses, field or opera, manufacturing,... read more

Incubators, laboratory-type, manufacturing, Arch supports, orthopedic, manufacturing, Surgical supplies (except medical instruments) manufacturing, Ho... read more

Extension cords made from purchased insulated wire, Capacitors (except electronic), fixed and variable, manufacturing, Electric bells manufacturing, G... read more

Fuel Dealers Last active 12 hours ago

Coal dealers, direct selling, Fuel oil (i.e., heating) dealers, direct selling, Firewood dealers, direct selling, Heating oil dealers, direct selling,... read more