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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Lens blanks, optical and ophthalmic, made in glass making plants, Blanks for electric light bulbs, glass, made in glass making plants, Medical glasswa... read more

Antique and classic automotive restoration, Truck trailer paint and body repair, Interior repair shops, automotive, Restoration shops, antique and cla... read more

Iron and Steel Forging Last active 13 hours ago

Forgings made from purchased iron or steel, unfinished, Hammer forgings made from purchased iron or steel, unfinished, Hot forgings made from purchase... read more

Hospitals, general pediatric, Hospitals, general medical and surgical, Children's hospitals, general, Osteopathic hospitals, General medical and surgi... read more

Aviation clubs providing a variety of air transportation activities to the general public, Aircraft charter services (i.e., general purpose aircraft u... read more

Industrial Valve Manufacturing Last active 13 hours ago

Check valves, industrial-type, manufacturing, Angle valves, industrial-type, manufacturing, Valves, industrial-type (e.g., check, gate, globe, relief,... read more

Speech (i.e., language) interpretation services, Sign language services, Language services (e.g., interpretation, sign, translation), Language interpr... read more

Spraying crops, Disease control for crops, Weed control services for crops, Pest control services, agricultural, Entomological service, agricultural,... read more

Colonscopes, electromedical, manufacturing, Electrocardiographs manufacturing, Gastroscopes, electromedical, manufacturing, Cardiotachometer manufactu... read more

Software Publishers Last active 14 hours ago

Software publishers, Applications software, computer, packaged, Packaged computer software publishers, Games, computer software, publishing, Software... read more

Storage Battery Manufacturing Last active 14 hours ago

Batteries, rechargeable, manufacturing, Batteries, storage, manufacturing, Rechargeable battery packs made from purchased battery cells and housings,... read more

Animal shelters, Animal grooming services, Obedience training services, pet, Boarding services, pet, Pet sitting services, Grooming services, animal,... read more

Motors, gear, manufacturing, Gearmotors (i.e., power transmission equipment) manufacturing, Speed changers (i.e., power transmission equipment) manufa... read more

Security Guards and Patrol Services Last active 14 hours ago

Security patrol services, Parking security services, Personal protection services (except security systems services), Protection services (except armo... read more

RV (recreational vehicle) parks, Recreational vehicle parks, Travel trailer campsites, Campgrounds read more