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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Temporary Help Services Last active 1 day ago

Manpower pools, Personnel (e.g., industrial, office) suppliers, Temporary employment services, Temporary help services, Labor (except farm) pools, Off... read more

Pipeline inspection (i.e., visual) services, Patrolling (i.e., visual inspection) of electric transmission or gas lines, Meteorological services, Esta... read more

Caterers Last active 1 day ago

Catering services, social, Caterers, Banquet halls with catering staff read more

Optical disk drives manufacturing, Flexible (i.e., floppy) magnetic disk drives manufacturing, Disk drives, computer, manufacturing, Floppy disk drive... read more

Facilities Support Services Last active 2 days ago

Base facilities operation support services, Government base facilities operation support services, Jail operation on a contract or fee basis, Jails, p... read more

Motion picture cameras manufacturing, Cameras (except television, video) manufacturing, Photographic equipment (except lenses) manufacturing, Screens,... read more

Panels, prefabricated metal building, manufacturing, Silos, prefabricated metal, manufacturing, Sheds, (e.g., garden, storage, utility) prefabricated... read more

Maple syrup mixing into other products, Syrup, corn (except wet milled), manufacturing, Soup mixes, dry, made from purchased dry ingredients, Chinese... read more

Executive suites (i.e., full service office space provision), Mall property operation (i.e., not operating contained businesses) rental or leasing, Ma... read more

Rack and pinion steering assemblies manufacturing, Automotive, truck and bus steering assemblies and parts manufacturing, Steering boxes, manual and p... read more

Boat Dealers Last active 2 days ago

Used boat dealers, Power boat dealers, Marine supply dealers, Boat dealers, new and used, Boat trailer dealers, Sail boat dealers, Outboard motor deal... read more

Seat belts, motor vehicle and aircraft, manufacturing, Tire covers made from purchased fabric, Motor vehicle seats manufacturing, Automobile seat fram... read more

Texturizing cellulosic yarn made in the same establishment, Triacetate fibers and yarns manufacturing, Anidex fibers and filaments manufacturing, Fibe... read more

Furnace conversion (i.e., from one fuel to another), Chimney liner installation, Fire sprinkler system installation, Water heater installation, Heatin... read more

Valves, inline plumbing and heating (e.g., cutoffs, stop), manufacturing, Hose couplings, metal (except fluid power), manufacturing, Plumbing and heat... read more