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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Other General Government Support Last active 1 hour ago

Supply agencies, government, Human rights commissions, government, Auditor's offices, government, Personnel offices, government, Civil service commiss... read more

Other Computer Related Services Last active 1 hour ago

Software installation services, computer, Computer disaster recovery services read more

Electric warm air (i.e., forced air) furnaces manufacturing, Laboratory-type freezers manufacturing, Evaporative condensers (i.e., heat transfer equip... read more

Valves, inline plumbing and heating (e.g., cutoffs, stop), manufacturing, Hose couplings, metal (except fluid power), manufacturing, Plumbing and heat... read more

Executive suites (i.e., full service office space provision), Mall property operation (i.e., not operating contained businesses) rental or leasing, Ma... read more

Textile Bag and Canvas Mills Last active 1 hour ago

Awnings and canopies, outdoor, made from purchased fabrics, Knapsacks, made from purchased woven or knitted materials, Bags, plastics, made from purch... read more

Moving sidewalk installation, Escalator installation, Vending machine installation, Incinerators, building equipment type, installation, Lightning pro... read more

Machine Tool Manufacturing Last active 1 hour ago

Honing and lapping machines, metal cutting type, manufacturing, Deburring machines, metalworking, manufacturing, Metal deposit forming machines manufa... read more

Septic Tank and Related Services Last active 1 hour ago

Tank cleaning services, septic, Portable toilet renting and/or servicing, Toilet renting and/or servicing, portable, Septic tank cleaning services, Pu... read more

Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing Last active 1 hour ago

Hearse bodies manufacturing, Automobile wreckers assembling on purchased chassis, Heavy trucks assembling on purchased chassis, Boxes, truck (e.g., ca... read more

Advertising Agencies Last active 1 hour ago

Advertising agency consulting services, Advertising agencies read more

Hydrology consulting services, Dairy herd consulting services, Safety consulting services, Radio consulting services, Nuclear energy consulting servic... read more

Wheels (i.e., rims), automotive, truck, and bus, manufacturing, Oil filters, automotive, truck, and bus, manufacturing, Gas tanks assembled, automotiv... read more

Rheostats, electronic, manufacturing, LCD (liquid crystal display) unit screens manufacturing, Electron tube parts (e.g., bases, getters, guns) (excep... read more

Telephone and telegraph transformers, electronic component-type, manufacturing, Inductors, electronic component-type (e.g., chokes, coils, transformer... read more