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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Locomotive and rail car repair (except factory conversion, factory overhaul, factory rebuilding), Railroad switching services, Railroad terminals, ind... read more

Concrete pumping (i.e., placement), Concrete finishing, Grouting (i.e., reinforcing with concrete), Concrete floor surfacing, Gunite contractors, Conc... read more

Roofing Contractors Last active 2 hours ago

Roofing, built-up tar and gravel, installation, Shake and shingle, roof, installation, Copper roofing installation, Steep slope roofing installation,... read more

Building Inspection Services Last active 2 hours ago

Prepurchase home inspection services, Inspection services, building or home, Inspection bureaus, building, Building inspection bureaus, Home inspectio... read more

Cabinets (except wood), office-type, freestanding, manufacturing, Chairs (except wood), office-type, manufacturing, Desks (except wood), office-type,... read more

Testing Laboratories Last active 2 hours ago

Thermal testing laboratories or services, Metallurgical testing laboratories or services, Assaying services, Soil testing laboratories or services, Ra... read more

Petroleum Refineries Last active 2 hours ago

Petroleum lubricating oils made in petroleum refineries, Coke, petroleum, made in petroleum refineries, Waxes, petroleum, made in petroleum refineries... read more

Stationery Product Manufacturing Last active 2 hours ago

Looseleaf fillers and paper made from purchased paper, Tapes (e.g., adding machine, calculator, cash register) made from purchased paper, Manila folde... read more

Cable decoders manufacturing, Video camera (except household-type, television broadcast) manufacturing, Automobile antennas manufacturing, Pagers manu... read more

Architectural Services Last active 2 hours ago

Architectural (except landscape) consultants' offices, Architects' (except landscape) offices, Architects' (except landscape) private practices, Archi... read more

Incubators, laboratory-type, manufacturing, Arch supports, orthopedic, manufacturing, Surgical supplies (except medical instruments) manufacturing, Ho... read more

Solid Waste Collection Last active 2 hours ago

Garbage collection services, Waste hauling, local, nonhazardous solid, Garbage hauling, local, Trash hauling, local, Ash collection services, Waste co... read more

Flame throwers manufacturing, Tranquilizer guns, manufacturing, Revolvers manufacturing, Grenade launchers manufacturing, Rifles (except toy) manufact... read more

Maple syrup mixing into other products, Syrup, corn (except wet milled), manufacturing, Soup mixes, dry, made from purchased dry ingredients, Chinese... read more

Janitorial Services Last active 2 hours ago

Cleaning shopping centers, Maid services (i.e., cleaning services), Restaurant kitchen cleaning services, Rest room cleaning services, Housekeeping se... read more