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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Davits manufacturing, Cranes, overhead traveling, manufacturing, Block and tackle manufacturing, Pulleys (except power transmission), metal, manufactu... read more

Direct Title Insurance Carriers Last active 1 hour ago

Title insurance carriers, real estate, direct, Real estate title insurance carriers, direct, Guaranteeing titles, Insurance carriers, title, direct, I... read more

Compasses, portable magnetic-type, manufacturing, Radioactivity detection, identification, and computation (RADIAC) equipment manufacturing, Detectors... read more

Educational Support Services Last active 1 hour ago

Student exchange programs, Educational consultants, Educational testing services, Educational guidance counseling services, School bus attendant servi... read more

General-line groceries merchant wholesalers, Groceries, general-line, merchant wholesalers read more

Pipe (e.g., heavy riveted, lock joint, seamless, welded) made from purchased iron or steel, Well casings (e.g., heavy riveted, lock joint, welded, wro... read more

Finish Carpentry Contractors Last active 1 hour ago

Door and window, prefabricated, installation, Shelving, wood, constructed on site, Finish carpentry, Window installation, Carpentry work (except frami... read more

Textile Bag and Canvas Mills Last active 1 hour ago

Awnings and canopies, outdoor, made from purchased fabrics, Knapsacks, made from purchased woven or knitted materials, Bags, plastics, made from purch... read more

Concrete pumping (i.e., placement), Concrete finishing, Grouting (i.e., reinforcing with concrete), Concrete floor surfacing, Gunite contractors, Conc... read more

Cigarette holders manufacturing, Cigarette lighter flints manufacturing, Decalcomania work (except on china, glass), Christmas tree ornaments (except... read more

Positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valves, engine, manufacturing, Engines and parts (except diesel), automotive and truck, manufacturing, Pistons an... read more

Water filtration plant operation, Water treatment plants, Filtration plant, water, Canal, irrigation, Irrigation system operation, Water treatment and... read more

Boat Dealers Last active 1 hour ago

Used boat dealers, Power boat dealers, Marine supply dealers, Boat dealers, new and used, Boat trailer dealers, Sail boat dealers, Outboard motor deal... read more

Construction management, water and sewage treatment plant, Sanitary sewer construction, Geothermal drilling, Water system storage tank and tower const... read more

Computer software programming services, custom, Computer software analysis and design services, custom, Computer program or software development, cust... read more