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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Spark plugs for internal combustion engines manufacturing, Locomotive and railroad car light fixtures manufacturing, Generating apparatus and parts fo... read more

Wheels (i.e., rims), automotive, truck, and bus, manufacturing, Oil filters, automotive, truck, and bus, manufacturing, Gas tanks assembled, automotiv... read more

Fuel Dealers Last active 4 hours ago

Coal dealers, direct selling, Fuel oil (i.e., heating) dealers, direct selling, Firewood dealers, direct selling, Heating oil dealers, direct selling,... read more

Walkways, moving, manufacturing, Elevators, passenger and freight, manufacturing, Automobile lifts (i.e., garage-type, service station) manufacturing,... read more

Farm machinery and equipment repair and maintenance services, Industrial truck (e.g., forklifts) repair and maintenance services, Construction machine... read more

Ship Building and Repairing Last active 5 hours ago

Submarine building, Oil and gas offshore floating platforms manufacturing, Ship scaling services done at a shipyard, Hydrofoil vessel building and rep... read more

Aircraft engine rebuilding, Gasoline engine parts (except carburetors, pistons, piston rings, valves), aircraft, manufacturing, Aircraft turbines manu... read more

Bridge and other card game instruction, Survival training instruction, First aid instruction, CPR (cardiac pulmonary resusitation) training and certif... read more

Vacuum pumps (except laboratory) manufacturing, Compressors, air and gas, general purpose-type, manufacturing, Paint sprayers (i.e., compressor and sp... read more

Hydrostatic transmissions manufacturing, Pumps, fluid power, manufacturing, Fluid power motors manufacturing, Motors, fluid power, manufacturing, Hydr... read more

Sludge tables manufacturing, Cremating ovens manufacturing, Weather vanes manufacturing, Aircraft carrier catapults manufacturing, Vapor separating ma... read more

Furniture moving, used, Van lines, moving and storage services, Motor freight carrier, used household goods, Used household and office goods moving, T... read more

Armored military vehicles (except tanks) and parts manufacturing, Tanks, military (including factory rebuilding), manufacturing, Weapons, self-propell... read more

Marine and navy auxiliary controls, manufacturing, Motor controls, electric, manufacturing, Vacuum relays manufacturing, Brakes, electromagnetic, manu... read more

Cigarette holders manufacturing, Cigarette lighter flints manufacturing, Decalcomania work (except on china, glass), Christmas tree ornaments (except... read more