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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valves, engine, manufacturing, Engines and parts (except diesel), automotive and truck, manufacturing, Pistons an... read more

Urethane soil stabilization contractors, Welding, on site, contractors, Store front, metal or metal frame, installation, Ornamental metal work install... read more

Solid Waste Collection Last active 1 hour ago

Garbage collection services, Waste hauling, local, nonhazardous solid, Garbage hauling, local, Trash hauling, local, Ash collection services, Waste co... read more

Mobile straddle carriers manufacturing, Wheelbarrows manufacturing, Pallet or skid jacks manufacturing, Trucks, industrial, manufacturing, Stackers, p... read more

Special Needs Transportation Last active 1 hour ago

Senior citizens transportation services, Handicapped passenger transportation services, Paratransit transportation services, Special needs passenger t... read more

Diary and time scheduler publishers, exclusively on Internet, Internet search web sites, Poster publishers, exclusively on Internet, Scientific journa... read more

Circuit boards, printed, bare, manufacturing, Printed circuit boards, bare, manufacturing, Flexible wiring boards, bare, manufacturing read more

Doctors of osteopathy (DOs, except mental health) offices (e.g., centers, clinics), Pathologists' (except oral, speech, voice) offices (e.g., centers,... read more

Davits manufacturing, Cranes, overhead traveling, manufacturing, Block and tackle manufacturing, Pulleys (except power transmission), metal, manufactu... read more

Telecommunications Resellers Last active 1 hour ago

Resellers, telecommunication (except satellite), Pre-paid calling cards, telecommunications resellers, Wired telecommunication resellers, Wireless tel... read more

Other Computer Related Services Last active 1 hour ago

Software installation services, computer, Computer disaster recovery services read more

Aircraft Manufacturing Last active 1 hour ago

Aircraft rebuilding (i.e., restoration to original design specifications), Hang gliders manufacturing, Aircraft overhauling, Helicopters manufacturing... read more

Compasses, portable magnetic-type, manufacturing, Radioactivity detection, identification, and computation (RADIAC) equipment manufacturing, Detectors... read more

Ophthalmic Goods Manufacturing Last active 1 hour ago

Goggles (e.g., industrial, safety, sun, underwater) manufacturing, Lens mounts, ophthalmic, manufacturing, Eyeglass frames (i.e., fronts and temples),... read more

Explosives Manufacturing Last active 1 hour ago

TNT (trinitrotoluene) manufacturing, Explosives manufacturing, Gunpowder manufacturing, Azides explosive materials manufacturing, Amatols manufacturin... read more