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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Forestry machinery and equipment rental or leasing, Oil well drilling machinery and equipment rental or leasing, Construction form rental, Logging equ... read more

Rack and pinion steering assemblies manufacturing, Automotive, truck and bus steering assemblies and parts manufacturing, Steering boxes, manual and p... read more

Transaxles, automotive, truck, and bus, manufacturing, Assembly line rebuilding of automotive, truck, and bus transmissions, Constant velocity joints,... read more

Computer peripheral equipment rental or leasing, Office furniture rental or leasing, Duplicating machine (e.g., copier) rental or leasing, Fax machine... read more

Record Production Last active 7 hours ago

Master recording leasing and licensing, Record production (except independent record producers) without duplication or distribution, Record producers... read more

Space capsules manufacturing, Developing and producing prototypes for guided missile and space vehicle components, Airframe assemblies for guided miss... read more

Pipe couplings made from purchased metal pipe, Wrought iron or steel pipe and tubing made from purchased metal pipe, Couplings, pipe, made from purcha... read more

Gasoline dispensing meters (except pumps) manufacturing, Electronic totalizing counters manufacturing, Counters (e.g., electrical, electronic, mechani... read more

Platinum foil and leaf not made in rolling mills, Harness parts, metal, manufacturing, Steel wool manufacturing, Aluminum ladders manufacturing, Tinfo... read more

Data processing facilities (i.e., clients' facilities) management and operation services, Computer systems facilities (i.e., clients' facilities) mana... read more

Diary and time scheduler publishers, exclusively on Internet, Internet search web sites, Poster publishers, exclusively on Internet, Scientific journa... read more

Developing and producing prototypes for complete guided missiles and space vehicles, Rockets (guided missiles), space and military, complete, manufact... read more

Offices of Real Estate Appraisers Last active 7 hours ago

Real estate appraisers' offices, Appraisal services, real estate, Real estate appraisal services, Appraisers' offices, real estate read more

Cholera serums manufacturing, Antiserums manufacturing, Virus vaccines manufacturing, Culture media manufacturing, Antitoxins manufacturing, Allergens... read more

Knickknack shelves, wood, manufacturing, Porch furniture (except upholstered), wood, manufacturing, Furniture, wood household-type, not upholstered (e... read more