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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Motor and Generator Manufacturing Last active 19 hours ago

Prime mover generator sets (except turbine generator sets) manufacturing, Condensers, synchronous, electric, manufacturing, Armatures, industrial, man... read more

Industrial Launderers Last active 19 hours ago

Launderers, industrial, Work clothing and uniform supply services, industrial, Dust control textile item (e.g., cloths, mats, mops, rugs, shop towels)... read more

Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing Last active 19 hours ago

Hearse bodies manufacturing, Automobile wreckers assembling on purchased chassis, Heavy trucks assembling on purchased chassis, Boxes, truck (e.g., ca... read more

Office Administrative Services Last active 19 hours ago

Motel management services (except complete operation of client's business), Office administration services, Office management services, Business manag... read more

Landscaping Services Last active 19 hours ago

Landscape care and maintenance services, Tree removal services, Hydroseeding services (e.g., decorative, erosion control purposes), Lawn maintenance s... read more

Textile Bag and Canvas Mills Last active 19 hours ago

Awnings and canopies, outdoor, made from purchased fabrics, Knapsacks, made from purchased woven or knitted materials, Bags, plastics, made from purch... read more

Farm machinery and equipment repair and maintenance services, Industrial truck (e.g., forklifts) repair and maintenance services, Construction machine... read more

Hardware Manufacturing Last active 20 hours ago

Padlocks, metal, manufacturing, Furniture hardware, metal, manufacturing, Locks (except coin-operated, time locks), metal, manufacturing, Motor vehicl... read more

Platinum foil and leaf not made in rolling mills, Harness parts, metal, manufacturing, Steel wool manufacturing, Aluminum ladders manufacturing, Tinfo... read more

Business Associations Last active 20 hours ago

Service industries associations, Boards of trade, Retailers' associations, Shipping companies' associations, Hospital associations, Merchants' associa... read more

Temporary Help Services Last active 20 hours ago

Manpower pools, Personnel (e.g., industrial, office) suppliers, Temporary employment services, Temporary help services, Labor (except farm) pools, Off... read more

Fabric Coating Mills Last active 20 hours ago

Rubberizing purchased cloaks, Leather, artificial, made from purchased fabric, Rubberizing purchased coats, Metallizing purchased textiles, Textile wa... read more

Moving sidewalk installation, Escalator installation, Vending machine installation, Incinerators, building equipment type, installation, Lightning pro... read more

Hematology in-vivo diagnostic substances manufacturing, Nuclear medicine (e.g., radioactive isotopes) preparations manufacturing, Intravenous (IV) sol... read more

Valves, inline plumbing and heating (e.g., cutoffs, stop), manufacturing, Hose couplings, metal (except fluid power), manufacturing, Plumbing and heat... read more