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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Switch cutouts manufacturing, Connectors, electric cord, manufacturing, Rheostats (i.e., dimmer switches), current carrying wiring device, manufacturi... read more

Hammers, handtools, manufacturing, Sockets and socket sets manufacturing, Machetes manufacturing, Rasps, handheld, manufacturing, Yardsticks, metal, m... read more

Generating apparatus and parts, welding, electrical, manufacturing, Electrode holders, welding, manufacturing, Electron beam welding equipment manufac... read more

Other Building Material Dealers Last active 1 day ago

Roofing material dealers, Electrical supply stores, Plumbing supply stores, Hardwood flooring dealers, Prefabricated building dealers, Cabinet stores,... read more

Real estate appraisers' offices, Appraisal services, real estate, Real estate appraisal services, Appraisers' offices, real estate read more

Architectural Services Last active 1 day ago

Architectural (except landscape) consultants' offices, Architects' (except landscape) offices, Architects' (except landscape) private practices, Archi... read more

Cabinets (except wood), office-type, freestanding, manufacturing, Chairs (except wood), office-type, manufacturing, Desks (except wood), office-type,... read more

Janitorial Services Last active 1 day ago

Cleaning shopping centers, Maid services (i.e., cleaning services), Restaurant kitchen cleaning services, Rest room cleaning services, Housekeeping se... read more

Furniture Stores Last active 1 day ago

Office furniture stores, Furniture stores (e.g., household, office, outdoor), Furniture and appliance stores (i.e., primarily retailing furniture), Be... read more

Staples made from purchased wire, Tire chains made from purchased wire, Can keys made from purchased wire, Hardware cloth, woven wire, made from purch... read more

Rails made by rolling or drawing purchased aluminum, Bar made by rolling purchased aluminum, Extrusion billet, aluminum, made in integrated secondary... read more

Projectiles (except guided missile), jet propulsion, manufacturing, Rockets, ammunition (except guided missiles, pyrotechnic), manufacturing, Igniters... read more

Site Preparation Contractors Last active 1 day ago

Excavating, earthmoving, or land clearing contractors, Underground tank (except hazardous material) removal, Foundation drilling contractors, Bulldoze... read more

Roofing Contractors Last active 1 day ago

Roofing, built-up tar and gravel, installation, Shake and shingle, roof, installation, Copper roofing installation, Steep slope roofing installation,... read more

Other Computer Related Services Last active 1 day ago

Software installation services, computer, Computer disaster recovery services read more