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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Other Building Material Dealers Last active 21 hours ago

Roofing material dealers, Electrical supply stores, Plumbing supply stores, Hardwood flooring dealers, Prefabricated building dealers, Cabinet stores,... read more

Glass and Glazing Contractors Last active 21 hours ago

Glass cladding (i.e., curtain wall), installation, Stained glass installation, Glazing contractors, Glass coating and tinting (except automotive) cont... read more

Pipeline inspection (i.e., visual) services, Patrolling (i.e., visual inspection) of electric transmission or gas lines, Meteorological services, Esta... read more

Pumps, oil field or well, manufacturing, Pumps for railroad equipment lubrication systems manufacturing, Pumps (except fluid power), general purpose,... read more

Armored Car Services Last active 22 hours ago

Armored car services read more

Furnace conversion (i.e., from one fuel to another), Chimney liner installation, Fire sprinkler system installation, Water heater installation, Heatin... read more

Roofing Contractors Last active 22 hours ago

Roofing, built-up tar and gravel, installation, Shake and shingle, roof, installation, Copper roofing installation, Steep slope roofing installation,... read more

Drain cocks, plumbing, manufacturing, Plumbing fixture fittings and trim, all materials, manufacturing, Flush valves, plumbing, manufacturing, Plumbin... read more

Concrete paving, residential and commercial driveway and parking area, Curb and gutter construction, residential and commercial driveway and parking a... read more

Quality assurance training, Professional development training, Management development training read more

Car alarm manufacturing, Carbon monoxide detectors manufacturing, Burglar alarm systems and equipment manufacturing, Theft prevention signaling device... read more

Spark plugs for internal combustion engines manufacturing, Locomotive and railroad car light fixtures manufacturing, Generating apparatus and parts fo... read more

Electric warm air (i.e., forced air) furnaces manufacturing, Laboratory-type freezers manufacturing, Evaporative condensers (i.e., heat transfer equip... read more

Broom, Brush, and Mop Manufacturing Last active 23 hours ago

Brooms, hand and machine, manufacturing, Hairbrushes manufacturing, Brushes, household-type and industrial, manufacturing, Paint rollers manufacturing... read more

Fluid power hose assemblies manufacturing, Hydraulic valves, fluid power, manufacturing, Control valves, fluid power, manufacturing, Hydraulic hose fi... read more