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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Buffet eating places, Cafeterias read more

Stenotype recording services, Public stenography services, Court reporting services, Stenography services, public, Closed captioning services, real-ti... read more

Forestry machinery and equipment rental or leasing, Oil well drilling machinery and equipment rental or leasing, Construction form rental, Logging equ... read more

Flame throwers manufacturing, Tranquilizer guns, manufacturing, Revolvers manufacturing, Grenade launchers manufacturing, Rifles (except toy) manufact... read more

Lens mounting (except ophthalmic), Night vision optical device manufacturing, Instrument lenses manufacturing, Glasses, field or opera, manufacturing,... read more

Paint and Coating Manufacturing Last active 12 hours ago

Paintbrush cleaners manufacturing, Frit manufacturing, Driers, paint and varnish, manufacturing, Polyurethane coatings manufacturing, Paints (except a... read more

Petroleum Refineries Last active 12 hours ago

Petroleum lubricating oils made in petroleum refineries, Coke, petroleum, made in petroleum refineries, Waxes, petroleum, made in petroleum refineries... read more

Architectural Services Last active 12 hours ago

Architectural (except landscape) consultants' offices, Architects' (except landscape) offices, Architects' (except landscape) private practices, Archi... read more

Hotels (except casino hotels), Membership hotels, Automobile courts, lodging, Hotels (except casino hotels) with golf courses, tennis courts, and/or o... read more

Cable decoders manufacturing, Video camera (except household-type, television broadcast) manufacturing, Automobile antennas manufacturing, Pagers manu... read more

Insurance underwriting, health and medical, direct, Dental insurance carriers, direct, Group hospitalization plans without providing health care servi... read more

Farm machinery and equipment repair and maintenance services, Industrial truck (e.g., forklifts) repair and maintenance services, Construction machine... read more

Diagnostic substances, in-vitro, manufacturing, Coagulation in-vitro diagnostic substances manufacturing, Enzyme and isoenzyme in-vitro diagnostic sub... read more

Computer software programming services, custom, Computer software analysis and design services, custom, Computer program or software development, cust... read more

Fluid power hose assemblies manufacturing, Hydraulic valves, fluid power, manufacturing, Control valves, fluid power, manufacturing, Hydraulic hose fi... read more