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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Telephone and telegraph transformers, electronic component-type, manufacturing, Inductors, electronic component-type (e.g., chokes, coils, transformer... read more

Flame throwers manufacturing, Tranquilizer guns, manufacturing, Revolvers manufacturing, Grenade launchers manufacturing, Rifles (except toy) manufact... read more

Rack and pinion steering assemblies manufacturing, Automotive, truck and bus steering assemblies and parts manufacturing, Steering boxes, manual and p... read more

Solid Waste Collection Last active 12 hours ago

Garbage collection services, Waste hauling, local, nonhazardous solid, Garbage hauling, local, Trash hauling, local, Ash collection services, Waste co... read more

Facilities Support Services Last active 12 hours ago

Base facilities operation support services, Government base facilities operation support services, Jail operation on a contract or fee basis, Jails, p... read more

Administrative management consulting services, General management consulting services, Business start-up consulting services, Site location consulting... read more

Panels, prefabricated metal building, manufacturing, Silos, prefabricated metal, manufacturing, Sheds, (e.g., garden, storage, utility) prefabricated... read more

Printed circuit boards loading, Loaded computer boards manufacturing, Peripheral controller boards manufacturing, Personal computer modems manufacturi... read more

Motion picture cameras manufacturing, Cameras (except television, video) manufacturing, Photographic equipment (except lenses) manufacturing, Screens,... read more

Universities, Medical schools, Schools, professional (colleges or universities), Professional schools (e.g., business administration, dental, law, med... read more

Food Service Contractors Last active 13 hours ago

Airline food services contractors, Food service contractors, concession operator (e.g., convention facilities, entertainment facilities, sporting faci... read more

Diary and time scheduler publishers, exclusively on Internet, Internet search web sites, Poster publishers, exclusively on Internet, Scientific journa... read more

Cattle spraying, Stud services, Artificial insemination services for livestock, Cleaning poultry houses, Sheep dipping and shearing, Reproductive flus... read more

Spreaders, farm-type, manufacturing, Tobacco harvester machines manufacturing, Haying machines manufacturing, Cattle feeding and watering equipment ma... read more

Septic Tank and Related Services Last active 13 hours ago

Tank cleaning services, septic, Portable toilet renting and/or servicing, Toilet renting and/or servicing, portable, Septic tank cleaning services, Pu... read more