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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Hammers, handtools, manufacturing, Sockets and socket sets manufacturing, Machetes manufacturing, Rasps, handheld, manufacturing, Yardsticks, metal, m... read more

Chain saws, handheld power-driven, manufacturing, Jigsaws, handheld power-driven, manufacturing, Buffing machines, handheld power-driven, manufacturin... read more

Trim and molding (except motor vehicle), metal, manufacturing, Casements, metal, manufacturing, Sash, door and window, metal, manufacturing, Hangar do... read more

Aircraft and automotive wire and cable (except aluminum, copper) made from purchased nonferrous metals (except aluminum, copper) in wire drawing plant... read more

Pneumatic tube conveyors manufacturing, Farm-type conveyors manufacturing, Carousel conveyors (e.g., luggage) manufacturing, Passenger baggage belt lo... read more

Lacquering ovens manufacturing, Kilns (except cement, chemical, wood) manufacturing, Induction heating equipment, industrial process-type, manufacturi... read more

Fluid power hose assemblies manufacturing, Hydraulic valves, fluid power, manufacturing, Control valves, fluid power, manufacturing, Hydraulic hose fi... read more

Containers, light gauge metal (except cans), manufacturing, Vacuum bottles and jugs, light gauge metal, manufacturing, Cash boxes, light gauge metal,... read more

Ship Building and Repairing Last active 9 hours ago

Submarine building, Oil and gas offshore floating platforms manufacturing, Ship scaling services done at a shipyard, Hydrofoil vessel building and rep... read more

Boat Dealers Last active 9 hours ago

Used boat dealers, Power boat dealers, Marine supply dealers, Boat dealers, new and used, Boat trailer dealers, Sail boat dealers, Outboard motor deal... read more

Flea powders or sprays manufacturing, Rotenone insecticides manufacturing, Pesticides manufacturing, Parathion insecticides manufacturing, Sodium arse... read more

Rubber and plastics belts and hoses (without fittings) manufacturing, Motor vehicle hoses, rubber or plastics, manufacturing, Transmission belts, rubb... read more

Electric warm air (i.e., forced air) furnaces manufacturing, Laboratory-type freezers manufacturing, Evaporative condensers (i.e., heat transfer equip... read more

Seat belts, motor vehicle and aircraft, manufacturing, Tire covers made from purchased fabric, Motor vehicle seats manufacturing, Automobile seat fram... read more

Wood Office Furniture Manufacturing Last active 12 hours ago

Cabinets, wood office-type, freestanding, manufacturing, Bookcases, wood office-type, manufacturing, Chairs, wood office-type, manufacturing, Office f... read more