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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Hotels (except casino hotels), Membership hotels, Automobile courts, lodging, Hotels (except casino hotels) with golf courses, tennis courts, and/or o... read more

Ship Building and Repairing Last active 1 hour ago

Submarine building, Oil and gas offshore floating platforms manufacturing, Ship scaling services done at a shipyard, Hydrofoil vessel building and rep... read more

Other Animal Food Manufacturing Last active 1 hour ago

Turkey feeds, prepared, manufacturing, Rabbit food manufacturing, Alfalfa meal, dehydrated, manufacturing, Mobile feed mill, Barley feed, chopped, cru... read more

Fundraising campaign organization services on a contract or fee basis, Bar code imprinting services, Address bar coding services, Mail consolidation s... read more

Landscaping Services Last active 1 hour ago

Landscape care and maintenance services, Tree removal services, Hydroseeding services (e.g., decorative, erosion control purposes), Lawn maintenance s... read more

Mass spectroscopy instrumentation manufacturing, Protein analyzers, laboratory-type, manufacturing, Photonexcitation analyzers manufacturing, Thermogr... read more

Spreaders, farm-type, manufacturing, Tobacco harvester machines manufacturing, Haying machines manufacturing, Cattle feeding and watering equipment ma... read more

Parking Lots and Garages Last active 1 hour ago

Automobile parking garages or lots, Parking lots, automobile, Valet parking services, Parking garages, automobile, Parking services, valet, Garages, a... read more

Platinum foil and leaf not made in rolling mills, Harness parts, metal, manufacturing, Steel wool manufacturing, Aluminum ladders manufacturing, Tinfo... read more

Power plant, hydroelectric, construction, Cofferdam construction, Recreational vehicle park construction, Pier construction, Pile driving, marine, Con... read more

Insurance carriers, surety, direct, Burglary and theft insurance carriers, direct, Crop insurance carrier, direct, Surety insurance carriers, direct,... read more

Fluid power hose assemblies manufacturing, Hydraulic valves, fluid power, manufacturing, Control valves, fluid power, manufacturing, Hydraulic hose fi... read more

Computer printers merchant wholesalers, Peripheral equipment, computer, merchant wholesalers, Mother boards merchant wholesalers, Computers merchant w... read more

Thermometers, filled system industrial process-type, manufacturing, Industrial process control instruments manufacturing, Mechanical measuring instrum... read more

Automobile radio receivers manufacturing, Tape players and recorders, household-type, manufacturing, Projection television manufacturing, Radio headph... read more