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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Roofing Contractors Last active 8 hours ago

Roofing, built-up tar and gravel, installation, Shake and shingle, roof, installation, Copper roofing installation, Steep slope roofing installation,... read more

Aluminum foil made in integrated secondary smelting and flat rolling mills, Sheet, aluminum, made in integrated secondary smelting and flat rolling mi... read more

Findings, jeweler's, manufacturing, Cigarette cases, precious metal, manufacturing, Cases, jewelry, metal, manufacturing, Jeweler's findings and mater... read more

Other Warehousing and Storage Last active 8 hours ago

Automobile dead storage, Lumber storage terminals, Warehousing (except farm products, general merchandise, refrigerated), Bonded warehousing (except f... read more

Navigational instruments (e.g., radar, sonar) repair and maintenance services, Optical instrument repair and maintenance services (e.g. microscopes, t... read more

Landscaping Services Last active 8 hours ago

Landscape care and maintenance services, Tree removal services, Hydroseeding services (e.g., decorative, erosion control purposes), Lawn maintenance s... read more

Printed circuit boards loading, Loaded computer boards manufacturing, Peripheral controller boards manufacturing, Personal computer modems manufacturi... read more

Telecommunications management consulting services, Utilities management consulting services read more

Extension cords made from purchased insulated wire, Capacitors (except electronic), fixed and variable, manufacturing, Electric bells manufacturing, G... read more

Glass and Glazing Contractors Last active 8 hours ago

Glass cladding (i.e., curtain wall), installation, Stained glass installation, Glazing contractors, Glass coating and tinting (except automotive) cont... read more

Computer printers merchant wholesalers, Peripheral equipment, computer, merchant wholesalers, Mother boards merchant wholesalers, Computers merchant w... read more

Executive suites (i.e., full service office space provision), Mall property operation (i.e., not operating contained businesses) rental or leasing, Ma... read more

Manufactured (mobile) classrooms manufacturing, Mobile home manufacturing, Manufactured (mobile) homes manufacturing, Buildings, mobile, commercial us... read more

Industrial Valve Manufacturing Last active 9 hours ago

Check valves, industrial-type, manufacturing, Angle valves, industrial-type, manufacturing, Valves, industrial-type (e.g., check, gate, globe, relief,... read more

Electronic Connector Manufacturing Last active 9 hours ago

Connectors, electronic (e.g., coaxial, cylindrical, printed circuit, rack and panel), manufacturing, Coaxial connectors manufacturing, Fiber optic con... read more