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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Books Printing Last active 1 hour ago

Dictionaries printing and binding without publishing, Fiction books printing and binding without publishing, Encyclopedias printing without publishing... read more

Waste treatment plants, hazardous, Acid waste disposal facilities, Hazardous waste treatment facilities, Waste disposal facilities, hazardous, Hazardo... read more

Off-highway trucks manufacturing, Graders, road, manufacturing, Snow plow attachments (except lawn, garden-type) manufacturing, Construction-type trac... read more

Bituminous coal underground mining or mining and beneficiating, Bituminous coal underground mine site development for own account, Subbituminous coal... read more

Hotels (except casino hotels), Membership hotels, Automobile courts, lodging, Hotels (except casino hotels) with golf courses, tennis courts, and/or o... read more

Engines, diesel locomotive, manufacturing, Engines, internal combustion (except aircraft, nondiesel automotive), manufacturing, Semidiesel engines man... read more

Data processing facilities (i.e., clients' facilities) management and operation services, Computer systems facilities (i.e., clients' facilities) mana... read more

Letter folding, stuffing, and sealing machinery manufacturing, Ovens, commercial-type, manufacturing, Ferris wheels manufacturing, Cigarette vending m... read more

Security patrol services, Parking security services, Personal protection services (except security systems services), Protection services (except armo... read more

Concrete paving, residential and commercial driveway and parking area, Curb and gutter construction, residential and commercial driveway and parking a... read more

Platinum foil and leaf not made in rolling mills, Harness parts, metal, manufacturing, Steel wool manufacturing, Aluminum ladders manufacturing, Tinfo... read more

Compression packings manufacturing, Gaskets manufacturing, Molded packings and seals manufacturing, Gasket, packing, and sealing devices manufacturing... read more

Real estate (except building) rental or leasing, Equity real estate investment trusts (REITs), primarily leasing real estate (except residential build... read more

Residential Remodelers Last active 1 hour ago

Fire and flood restoration, single-family housing, general contractors, Addition, alteration and renovation, residential building, for-sale builders,... read more

Water filtration plant operation, Water treatment plants, Filtration plant, water, Canal, irrigation, Irrigation system operation, Water treatment and... read more