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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Overhead projectors, computer peripheral-type, manufacturing, Computer input/output equipment manufacturing, Optical readers and scanners manufacturin... read more

Convention and Trade Show Organizers Last active 38 minutes ago

Home show organizers, Flower show managers, Trade show managers, Trade show promoters, Trade fair managers, Promoters of conventions with or without f... read more

Medicinal and Botanical Manufacturing Last active 38 minutes ago

Ascorbic acid (i.e., vitamin C), uncompounded, manufacturing, Cephalosporin, uncompounded, manufacturing, Penicillin, uncompounded, manufacturing, Cin... read more

Other Computer Related Services Last active 40 minutes ago

Software installation services, computer, Computer disaster recovery services read more

Hooks, metal screw, manufacturing, Cotter pins, metal, manufacturing, Toggle bolts, metal, manufacturing, Bolts, metal, manufacturing, Dowel pins, met... read more

Seat belts, motor vehicle and aircraft, manufacturing, Tire covers made from purchased fabric, Motor vehicle seats manufacturing, Automobile seat fram... read more

Cable decoders manufacturing, Video camera (except household-type, television broadcast) manufacturing, Automobile antennas manufacturing, Pagers manu... read more

All Other Personal Services Last active 54 minutes ago

Credit card notification services (i.e., lost or stolen card reporting), Social escort services, Consumer buying services, Discount buying services, i... read more

Incubators, laboratory-type, manufacturing, Arch supports, orthopedic, manufacturing, Surgical supplies (except medical instruments) manufacturing, Ho... read more

Aircraft Manufacturing Last active 1 hour ago

Aircraft rebuilding (i.e., restoration to original design specifications), Hang gliders manufacturing, Aircraft overhauling, Helicopters manufacturing... read more

Independent pilot, air (except owner-operators), Airport passenger screening security services, Aircraft testing services, Aircraft ferrying services,... read more

Machine Shops Last active 1 hour ago

Chemical milling job shops, Machine shops read more

Orthopedic equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers, Industrial safety devices (e.g., eye shields, face shields, first-aid kits) merchant wholesale... read more

Computer Systems Design Services Last active 1 hour ago

Office automation computer systems integration design services, Network systems integration design services, computer, CAD (computer-aided design) sys... read more

Lens mounting (except ophthalmic), Night vision optical device manufacturing, Instrument lenses manufacturing, Glasses, field or opera, manufacturing,... read more