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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Staples made from purchased wire, Tire chains made from purchased wire, Can keys made from purchased wire, Hardware cloth, woven wire, made from purch... read more

Projectiles (except guided missile), jet propulsion, manufacturing, Rockets, ammunition (except guided missiles, pyrotechnic), manufacturing, Igniters... read more

Aircraft propellers and parts manufacturing, Aircraft brakes manufacturing, Aircraft assemblies, subassemblies, and parts (except engines) manufacturi... read more

Local Messengers and Local Delivery Last active 33 minutes ago

Restaurant meals delivery services (i.e., independent delivery services), Local letter and parcel delivery services (except as part of intercity carri... read more

Software Publishers Last active 24 minutes ago

Software publishers, Applications software, computer, packaged, Packaged computer software publishers, Games, computer software, publishing, Software... read more

Quality assurance training, Professional development training, Management development training read more

Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing Last active 22 minutes ago

Hot-rolling purchased steel, Nut rods, iron or steel, made in cold rolling mills, Powder made from purchased iron or steel, Concrete reinforcing bar (... read more

Hardware Manufacturing Last active 30 minutes ago

Padlocks, metal, manufacturing, Furniture hardware, metal, manufacturing, Locks (except coin-operated, time locks), metal, manufacturing, Motor vehicl... read more

Independent pilot, air (except owner-operators), Airport passenger screening security services, Aircraft testing services, Aircraft ferrying services,... read more

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs), wheeled or tracked, manufacturing, Golf carts, powered, manufacturing, Personal watercraft manufacturing, Off-highway tra... read more

Cable decoders manufacturing, Video camera (except household-type, television broadcast) manufacturing, Automobile antennas manufacturing, Pagers manu... read more

Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing Last active 22 minutes ago

Subscriber loop equipment, telephone, manufacturing, PBX (private branch exchange) equipment manufacturing, Communications headgear, telephone, manufa... read more

Hooks, metal screw, manufacturing, Cotter pins, metal, manufacturing, Toggle bolts, metal, manufacturing, Bolts, metal, manufacturing, Dowel pins, met... read more

Rocket engines, guided missile, manufacturing, Guided missile and space vehicle engine manufacturing, Developing and producing prototypes for guided m... read more

Hematology in-vivo diagnostic substances manufacturing, Nuclear medicine (e.g., radioactive isotopes) preparations manufacturing, Intravenous (IV) sol... read more