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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Executive suites (i.e., full service office space provision), Mall property operation (i.e., not operating contained businesses) rental or leasing, Ma... read more

Surgical knife blades and handles manufacturing, Speculums manufacturing, Saws, surgical, manufacturing, Retractors, medical, manufacturing, Blood tra... read more

Extension cords made from purchased insulated wire, Capacitors (except electronic), fixed and variable, manufacturing, Electric bells manufacturing, G... read more

Doors and door frames merchant wholesalers, Wood flooring merchant wholesalers, Building board (e.g., fiber, flake, particle) merchant wholesalers, St... read more

Pneumatic tube conveyors manufacturing, Farm-type conveyors manufacturing, Carousel conveyors (e.g., luggage) manufacturing, Passenger baggage belt lo... read more

Sign Manufacturing Last active 1 hour ago

Neon signs manufacturing, Displays (e.g., counter, floor, point-of-purchase) manufacturing, Scoreboards manufacturing, Billboards manufacturing, Elect... read more

Forestry research and development laboratories or services, Veterinary research and development laboratories or services (except biotechnology researc... read more

Ship Building and Repairing Last active 1 hour ago

Submarine building, Oil and gas offshore floating platforms manufacturing, Ship scaling services done at a shipyard, Hydrofoil vessel building and rep... read more

Deep Sea Freight Transportation Last active 1 hour ago

Ship chartering with crew, deep sea freight transportation to or from foreign ports, Transporting freight to or from foreign ports, deep sea, Freight... read more

Hammers, handtools, manufacturing, Sockets and socket sets manufacturing, Machetes manufacturing, Rasps, handheld, manufacturing, Yardsticks, metal, m... read more

Pipeline inspection (i.e., visual) services, Patrolling (i.e., visual inspection) of electric transmission or gas lines, Meteorological services, Esta... read more

Rheostats, electronic, manufacturing, LCD (liquid crystal display) unit screens manufacturing, Electron tube parts (e.g., bases, getters, guns) (excep... read more

Religious Organizations Last active 1 hour ago

Synagogues, Retreat houses, religious, Monasteries (except schools), Shrines, religious, Missions, religious organization, Convents (except schools),... read more

Colonscopes, electromedical, manufacturing, Electrocardiographs manufacturing, Gastroscopes, electromedical, manufacturing, Cardiotachometer manufactu... read more

Navigational instruments (e.g., radar, sonar) repair and maintenance services, Optical instrument repair and maintenance services (e.g. microscopes, t... read more