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Federal contracting categories are NAICS codes for humans.

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Cigarette holders manufacturing, Cigarette lighter flints manufacturing, Decalcomania work (except on china, glass), Christmas tree ornaments (except... read more

Mass spectroscopy instrumentation manufacturing, Protein analyzers, laboratory-type, manufacturing, Photonexcitation analyzers manufacturing, Thermogr... read more

Aircraft Manufacturing Last active 19 hours ago

Aircraft rebuilding (i.e., restoration to original design specifications), Hang gliders manufacturing, Aircraft overhauling, Helicopters manufacturing... read more

Compasses, portable magnetic-type, manufacturing, Radioactivity detection, identification, and computation (RADIAC) equipment manufacturing, Detectors... read more

Farm machinery and equipment repair and maintenance services, Industrial truck (e.g., forklifts) repair and maintenance services, Construction machine... read more

Charter Bus Industry Last active 1 day ago

Bus charter services (except scenic, sightseeing), Charter bus services (except scenic, sightseeing) read more

Hematology in-vivo diagnostic substances manufacturing, Nuclear medicine (e.g., radioactive isotopes) preparations manufacturing, Intravenous (IV) sol... read more

Surgical knife blades and handles manufacturing, Speculums manufacturing, Saws, surgical, manufacturing, Retractors, medical, manufacturing, Blood tra... read more

Automobile radio receivers manufacturing, Tape players and recorders, household-type, manufacturing, Projection television manufacturing, Radio headph... read more

Self-help organizations (except for disabled persons, the elderly, persons diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities), Travelers' aid... read more

Power plant, hydroelectric, construction, Cofferdam construction, Recreational vehicle park construction, Pier construction, Pile driving, marine, Con... read more

Book Publishers Last active 1 day ago

University press publishers (except exclusive Internet publishing), School book publishers and printing combined, School textbook publishers (except e... read more

Hotels (except casino hotels), Membership hotels, Automobile courts, lodging, Hotels (except casino hotels) with golf courses, tennis courts, and/or o... read more

Cattle spraying, Stud services, Artificial insemination services for livestock, Cleaning poultry houses, Sheep dipping and shearing, Reproductive flus... read more

Industrial Gas Manufacturing Last active 1 day ago

Fluorocarbon gases manufacturing, Acetylene manufacturing, Dry ice (i.e., solid carbon dioxide) manufacturing, Monochlorodifluoromethane manufacturing... read more