NAICS 311710: Vendors that win government contracts in this category are primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) canning seafood (including soup); (2) smoking, salting, and drying seafood; (3) eviscerating fresh fish by removing heads, fins, scales, bones, and entrails; (4) shucking and packing fresh shellfish; (5) processing marine fats and oils; and (6) freezing seafood. Establishments known as "floating factory ships" that are engaged in the gathering and processing of seafood into canned seafood products are included in this industry.


  • Cannery, Seafood
  • Canning, Fish, Crustacea, And Molluscs
  • Chowders, Seafood, Manufacturing
  • Cod Liver Oil Extraction, Crude, Processing
  • Curing Fish And Seafood
  • Dinners, Frozen Seafood, Manufacturing

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