NAICS 423930: Vendors that win government contracts in this category are primarily engaged in the merchant wholesale distribution of automotive scrap, industrial scrap, and other recyclable materials. Included in this industry are auto wreckers primarily engaged in dismantling motor vehicles for the purpose of wholesaling scrap.


  • Bottles, Waste, Merchant Wholesalers
  • Boxes, Waste, Merchant Wholesalers
  • Fur Cuttings And Scraps Merchant Wholesalers
  • General-line Scrap Merchant Wholesalers
  • Glass Scrap Merchant Wholesalers
  • Industrial Wastes To Be Reclaimed Merchant Wholesalers

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Germanium Ingot Last updated 2 weeks ago / Defense Logistics Agency
Due 10/30/17

This is a non-personal services contract to acquire 640 kilograms (kg) of zone-refined germanium ("Ge") ingots having a purity of ≥99.999% germanium by weight ("5N Ge"). read more