NAICS 322220: Vendors that win government contracts in this category are primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) cutting and coating paper and paperboard; (2) cutting and laminating paper, paperboard, and other flexible materials (except plastics film to plastics film); (3) manufacturing bags, multiwall bags, sacks of paper, metal foil, coated paper, laminates, or coated combinations of paper and foil with plastics film; (4) manufacturing laminated aluminum and other converted metal foils from purchased foils; and (5) surface coating paper or paperboard.


  • Adhesive Tape (except Medical) Made From Purchased Materials
  • Bags (except Plastics Only) Made By Laminating Or Coating Combinations Of Purchased Plastics, Foil And Paper
  • Bags, Coated Paper, Made From Purchased Paper
  • Bags, Foil, Made From Purchased Foil
  • Bags, Multiwall, Made From Purchased Uncoated Paper
  • Bags, Paper, Uncoated, Made From Purchased Paper

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