NAICS 212319: This U.S. industry comprises: (1) establishments primarily engaged in developing the mine site and/or mining or quarrying crushed and broken stone (except limestone and granite); (2) preparation plants primarily engaged in beneficiating (e.g., grinding and pulverizing) stone (except limestone and granite); and (3) establishments primarily engaged in mining or quarrying bituminous limestone and bituminous sandstone.


  • Bituminous Limestone Mining And/or Beneficiating
  • Bituminous Sandstone Mining And/or Beneficiating
  • Marble Crushed And Broken Stone Mining And/or Beneficiating
  • Sandstone Crushed And Broken Stone Mining And/or Beneficiating

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Emergency Repair St Maries Levee – (Delivered Material) Last updated 2 days ago / Department of the Army
Due 12/20/17

Provide a minimum of 750 tons of delivered material per day using Solo Truck, Truck and Transfer, or Side Dump near the Potlatch Mill in St. Maries, ID. Materials will be inspected at the jobsite prior to acceptance/delivery. Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining gradation as specified. Ma... read more